Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Isn't It Ironic...

Recently, Pope Benedict XVI made a scholarly speech, at the University of Regensberg, to an obscure fellowship of priests and clerics, and in the text of this speech, he made reference to words written about Islam by a long-dead Byzantine Emperor, Manuel II Paleologus.

Now, Manuel II was an interesting character. Seems he had a couple of brothers who wanted to rule also, and a civil war ensued, whereupon Manuel went to the local Caliph and offered to pay more tribute to the Caliphate than his brother, whom he was competing (warring) with for the throne, and although he did eventually become Emperor, it was at the discretion of the Caliphate, thus making Manuel a Dhimmi.

The Pope quoted Manuel II, to the effect that Islam promotes itself at the point of a sword, and a rational, reasonable religion doesn't need to recruit souls by violence. Muslims will tell you that Islam is the "Religion of Peace," and does not use violence to promote itself.....yeah, right. Tell Steve Centanni and Olaf Whigg about that. Funny, I saw with my own lyin' eyes, their conversion at gunpoint. Religion of Peace, my big, fat, patootie.

The Muslim community has reacted to this speech by, among other things, firebombing churches in Gaza, murdering nuns in Somalia, and calling for the assassination of Pope Benedict.

So, let me see if I got this right, Muslims....Islam is the Religion of Peace, and we'll kill you to prove it!

Does anybody besides me see the irony in this?


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