Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What the Hell?!?!

What the hell is our world coming to? What kind of immoral, rudderless, spineless, godless society could produce not one, but two monsters, who, in one week, would inflict their nihilistic, narcisisstic, selfish grievences against the world on innocent children? And then, to compound their crimes against humanity by giving them a salacious, slimy, sexual element??

When grown men will invade a school, bent on doing violence to little girls? What the hell is wrong with them? According to news sites, the perpetrator in the most recent shootings in Amish Country was "getting even" for some perceived slight that allegedly happened when he was 12 years old!!! WTF? This guy, basically marked out 12 little girls for death, that he'd never set eyes on before yesterday. They had done nothing to him, had no connection to him whatsoever, none of their families had a connection with him, so he was "getting even" with 12 little girls he didn't know from Adam.....Why??? Why execute 12 little girls, innocents for crissakes, you've never seen before? Why not take your revenge, if you must, on whomever it was that abused you, broke your heart, yada, yada....??

What about the one in Colorado?? That's even worse, because the poor people of Colorado are already traumatized for a generation because of the shootings at Columbine High School several years ago. Geeze, can it get any worse? Of course it can, and it did last week, when a 50-something man, again with the grievences, infiltrated a high school, took over a classroom, molested and sexually assaulted half a dozen girls, and then killed one on his way out of the world. Why are they sexually assaulting young women they've never met, to get even with society?? WTF???

Are men more highly sexualized today or have they always been pigs and it just wasn't as widely known? Why are these guys not just killing, but sexualizing little girls? Is the American moral compass broken? Are we all sick at the core like this, but some of us just control it better? Is this a personal disease or is society sick?

I'm sure that the plethora of easily accessed pornography on the internet, the violence that saturates our society, explicit and violent rap lyrics, cartoons, sexually explicit videos and explicit video games, as well as poor parenting, and lack of significant adult guidance leads some of these people down the path less righteous. But, I'm also afraid that Pandora's Box is open, and there's no way to "unring" the bell. Our society is just slowly sliding down the path to wrack and ruin.

In the above 2 cases, I would wager that sexual abuse was at the root of why these two monsters committed their atrocities, but that doesn't excuse in any way what they did, and the only upside to this whole, horrible mess is that they had the good grace to at least off themselves, and save the states the cost of prosecuting them, and it saved the families of the slain girls the agony of having to confront the monsters who murdered their children.


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Bob addresses this today (10/5/06), at least tangentially, at OneCosmos. Protection of innocence is his theme.

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What the hell is wrong with them?

My short answer is it beats the hell out of me. Setting aside the obvious truisms that each nutcase brings his own slimy bag of nuance into the game, and that the MSM is sure to sensationalize, there does seem to be an increasing tempo to these atrocities. I'll leave it to others better trained to ferret out root causes.

Since Pandora's box is open, one aspect that might deserve some emphasis is preparation and reaction.

Regarding Columbine, whenever the subject comes up, I can't help recalling the performance of the sheriff's department. I doubt if you were at the scene, armed, and with at the minimum an armoured vest and probably having tear gas at your disposal, that you'd have not taken some active measure of intervention. I sure as hell know I would have. And yet, the "authorities" at the scene in Columbine were paralysed into inaction by feckless leadership and who knows what other pc considerations, while the murders continued over a 30 to 45 minute period, and at least one, maybe more, victims bled to death.

I see today a Wisconsin legislator has proposed arming teachers. I favor arming everyone who can pass a background check for a CCW. "An armed society is a polite society," or words to that effect.

And, teach Krav Maga in the public schools, as is done in Israel.

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