Thursday, October 19, 2006

A New Feature - Local Restaurant Reviews

I'm adding a new feature to my blog today. Restaurant reviews. Occasionally, from now on, I will post my own review of places that I go to eat.

As a smoker, it's getting increasingly hard to find places, besides my own home, where I can enjoy a meal, and then enjoy a cigarette afterwards. The following restaurants are smoker-friendly, which is unimportant to a non-smoker, but is of paramount importance to those of us who still puff.

Today I will review 2 such places, to start off the new feature.

First up on the list is Jalisco Mexican Restaurant, on Hwy 290 East, in Elgin, Texas. Jalisco is a family-owned Mexican restaurant. They feature many of the classic mexican dishes, like enchiladas, tacos, tortas and more. For me, their crispy tacos are the best! Homemade tortillas, crispy fried with ground beef, lettuce, tomato and cheese. They have a very resonably priced lunch menu, that features combinations of many of their excellent dishes. If you're a smoker, it's paradise. They have a large back room where you can puff to your heart's content after your meal. The staff is very friendly, and the service is great. Prices are reasonable.

The next one is a restaurant that I just discovered today. City Cafe, in downtown Elgin is a wonderful old restaurant, located on Main Street in the heart of the old city of Elgin. For those of you who aren't from Texas, you don't pronounce it like the brand of watch, the "g" is hard. Founded in 1910, the location is in a wonderful old building, which they spiced up with murals painted on old bricks. They have a wonderful lunch counter, or you can take a table in either the smoking room, or the adjacent dining room. Today, I had their lunch buffet, which featured pot roast, real mashed potatoes and braised carrots in butter sauce. This restaurant is probably not for those who count calories or cholesterol, but for those who yearn for comfort food, this is certainly your place!! The staff was both friendly and helpful, as I couldn't make up my mind about what to try, so I asked the waitress for her opinion, and.....she gave it to me! Prices are a little on the high side for lunch, but not unreasonable. I understand their desserts are pretty good too, but I'll have to save that for my next'll give me a reason, besides great food, to go back!

Why am I reviewing restaurants in Elgin you ask?? Well, because I work in that area, which, even though it's a suburb of Austin, is still pretty much farm land, and good places to have lunch are few. Heck, I got excited when they opened a new KFC/Long John Silver's down the road!! You gotta be pretty bored with the local cuisine to get excited about a new KFC....


Blogger linearthinker said...

...You gotta be pretty bored with the local cuisine to get excited about a new KFC....

Unless you're in Oklahoma.

Y'all eat any catfish back there? Breaded and deep fried with green tomater relish and hush puppies?

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