Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh. My. God.

I think hell may have just frozen over. I actually agree with Pat Buchanan!

Writing at Worldnet Daily, Mr. Buchanan lays out his arguments as to why the Obama administration's decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and several of his co-conspirators is such stunning lunacy.

To me the money quote in the article is "It is possible that we have done an injustice to this man, keeping him locked up for all these years, without a trial. But that is what a trial implies...that he may not be guilty."

And why have the trial in New York City, of all places?? If the people of NYC are not still suffering from 9/11 PTSD, the traffic problems caused by the sheer amount of security necessary to guard such a trial will snarl traffic in Manhattan to the point of bringing it to gridlock. Any first year law student would know to ask for a change of venue. But seriously....where is a guy like KSM gonna get a jury of his peers in the US? And if he does, would maybe one of them be anti death penalty, or even a muslim who won't convict him, no matter what he did for fear of retaliation in the community? Puleeze.

What if, as Buchanan points out, some whacko decides to take a stab at the Great Satan and blow up a car in Manhattan? Again?! This shows the utter cluelessness of the Obama administration, and makes using Air Force One for a photo op above the city look like a kindergarten prank. This is the mother of all dark practical jokes. What if he gets off? What then? Why take that risk?

What are these maroons thinking and do they have America's best interests at heart?


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