Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Legacy of Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter has a legacy, all right, but it's not the golden legacy he had in mind. His presidency has already been judged a colossal failure by historians, and if he has a conscience at all, the man shouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing that his actions as president, over 30 years ago, will ultimately lead to the deaths of millions of innocents.

How, you say?

Well, his refusal to help the Shah of Iran keep his throne, back in the 70's, started a low grade war that has raged for the last 30 years. Instead of supporting the Shah, Mr. Carter decided to turn the country over to what he thought was a coalition of harmless clerics.....religious men like himself, who, he thought, would rule Iran with a gentle hand. In actuality, he turned the country over to a bunch of apocalyptic, religious nuts who executed what was left of the ruling class of Iran and then proceeded to humiliate Carter by taking over the US Embassy, holding 400 or so Americans hostage, and not agreeing to free them until the moment Ronald Reagan took office. This is when America became the Great Satan.

Yes, the Shah had his problems as a leader, and he was a king, so his word was law, but what Carter didn't know, or ignored at the time, is that the Shah was eaten up with what would become terminal cancer, and when he died, his Western educated son would have become king. The key phrase there, dear readers, is Western educated. Iran would, today, be an American ally if Carter had kept his little fingers out of their affairs. Instead, Carter let the Shah fall because he "didn't like the guy." How about that for a reason for changing history? I don't like you, so I'm going to help the religious nuts take your country. Of course, the Mullahs had him fooled and his eyes were not fully opened until his political humiliation at their hands, and by then it was too late.

Now, we are poised on the lip of the abyss that Carter created. These Mullahs are ok with sacrificing half the population of their country (they'll all be martyrs and get their 72 virgins, so who cares?) so that they can bring forth the 13th Imam (aka, the Hidden Imam) by lobbing a nuke at the Israelis in an attempt to "wipe them off the map." The subsequent chaos, according to their religious teachings, will bring out the Hidden Imam and bring on the new Caliphate.

Thanks, Mr. Carter, for all your wonderful work, and I hope the fact that millions of innocent Iranians and Israelis will soon be sacrificing their lives for your foolishness will give you more than a few sleepless nights in the future. Lord knows, millions of victims of your "legacy" will be having a more permanent dirt nap once the Iranians get a nuclear device or two under their robes.


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