Friday, August 22, 2008

Is Obama Faking Us Out....or Hillary for VEEP?

Has Obama been faking us out all along and actually intends to select Hillary Clinton for the VP slot?'s plausible, but stupid, for a myriad of reasons. If Obama is looking to unite the Democrat party by selecting her, that's probably the smart thing to do, but only if party unity is more important than actually winning the election. Nothing would mobilize the Republican base more than an Obama/Clinton ticket, unless it is a Clinton/Obama ticket!

The following are the reasons why, in my humble opinion (which means absolutely nothing), selecting Hillary Clinton for the VP slot would be stupid:

First, there's the bitter battle fought between the two for the nomination to begin with. Her campaign and her husband both played the race card....badly, I might add. The surreptitious release of a picture, by the Clinton camp, of Obama, tarted up like a muslim, went over like a lead balloon and I suspect there is more than a little personal enmity between the two of them because of her consistent negative attacks on him during the primaries, once she realized that Obama had bamboozled his way into winning caucus states that, evidently, her campaign didn't take into consideration in their planning of her coronation...

Second, Hillary's already been co-President and would probably not willingly do her duty and fade into the background, only to be trotted out to break a tie in the Senate, or nod enthusiastically during the State of the Union addresses. She would, I think, take any and every opportunity to steal the limelight for herself and upstage the Messiah at every turn. I'm thinking that after the primary fight with her, Obama would much rather drive a stake through her heart than give her a position as his running mate...but that's just me.

Third...well, there's Bill. Does Obama really want a guy like Bill Clinton loose within 100 yards of the White House interns? With no accountability for his debauched behaviors? Does he really want a running mate who is married to a former President, who, by all accounts, already feels like his position as an elder statesman of his party has been disrespected? Talk about a loose cannon.....Bill Clinton would have no "official" position in an Obama administration, but as a former President and the husband of a possible current Vice President, he would be free to create as much trouble as he wants and never have to pay the political price for it.

Fourth, and finally, would selecting Hillary really make the PUMA's (that's Party Unity My Ass) happy? I think not. They would still be mad because their girl should be at the TOP of the ticket, not playing 2nd fiddle to a rank amateur....sure, some of them would come around, but how many, and is it really worth it when we know Hillary wants the Oval Office for herself come 2012? If that's the case, Obama has to lose this time, so why would she yoke herself to a loser?

If all the Obama camp is looking for is party unity, selecting Hillary would be the way to go, but at what cost? The wheels are coming off the Obama bus faster than a wreck at a NASCAR race, and they're starting to show a little desperation.....kinda early in the season for this kind of desperation from the guy who has been "anointed" as the Great Unifier, isn't it?

Pass the popcorn...I can't wait for the carnage at the DNC....


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