Monday, August 11, 2008

Thoughts on Michelle Obama as First Lady

Could the mental image in the mind of the average voter, of Michelle Obama in the White House, lose the election for Barak? I'm inclined to believe it could.

Her newfound pride in her country (which is a total turnoff to the rest of us who love our country despite it's flaws) aside, her attendance at the Rev. Wright's church for 20+ years, where it's obvious to anybody who listens to her speak that she has definitely absorbed some of his toxic, "get even with whitey" message could very well cost Obama the election. Even if Barak can hide it, she cannot. Of course, she wasn't groomed from the cradle to be the wife of a politician, and though she is a trained lawyer with an Ivy League degree, she hasn't quite mastered the rigid control of self necessary to deceive the "unwashed" masses and convince them that she should be the next First Lady, any more than her erstwhile husband has convinced us that he's anything more than a vapid rock star wannabe.

Since it's very un-PC to say that she comes off as a very angry black woman, suffice it to say that she comes off as just plain angry, and her complaints about finding the 10 thousand dollars to pay for her daughter's ballet lessons is just short of loony. Does she really believe that average Americans who struggle to put enough gas in their cars to make it to work are going to be sympathetic to her whining that it's so expensive to put their kids in dance school?

How clueless and elitist is this?

There are average Americans every day who have to decide between transportation and food and this woman is whining about the cost of dance lessons and the fact that she's only recently (since her hubby decided to run for Prez) had reason to be proud of her American citizenship, and that America is a "mean" country. I wonder if she thought it was so mean when she got her affirmative action scholarship to Harvard? I wonder if she thought America was so mean when she got a 250 thousand dollar raise in her already no-show job? I'm sure she thought America was mean when the Rev. took his little PR junket to the Washington Press Club, not to refute his toxic message, but to reaffirm it. I'm sure America was mean to actually take him at his word.

But I digress...

This is a woman who claims to want to represent us all as our First Lady. I'm sorry, but she doesn't represent me. I love my counry, right or wrong, and I think it's the best nation in the world to live in, bar none, and I don't want to hear the woman who occupies the White House whine that it's only a great country when she says so. Americans want another Jackie O in the White House, not another two-fer co-President with bigger balls than her husband, ala Hillary Clinton. That two-fer thing didn't work out so well for the Clintons either, as Hillarycare was shot down in flames and the co-Prez was humiliated for all the world to see.

Michelle Obama's clueless, racialist, elitist attitude toward her country cannot but hinder the Obama campaign, and if she was as smart as they like to tell us she is, she'd tone down the negative rhetoric and start baking cookies.


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