Monday, August 04, 2008

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Is the Obama Cult of Personality on the downslide?

I think so. He's beginning to be seen in even the most liberal circles now as being a bit arrogant, as grudgingly admitted on the McLoughlin Group yesterday by, of all people (!), Eleanor Clift! I immediately snooped the Internet to see if hell had frozen over, but alas, no, it hasn't.

Are the scales beginning to fall from the eyes of the hard core liberals and are they finally realizing that Obama is, as we say in Texas, "all hat and no cattle?" Are they starting to see that running for "President of the World" is, maybe, a bad idea? Is it sinking into their numbed little skulls that average Americans might be turned off by the idea of a mere presidential candidate acting like he's already won the election by using his own fake "presidential seal," having a seat on his "O Force One" plane embroidered with the word "president," or courting the German/Euro/world vote?

It seems to me, being one of those average Americans, that a mere 60 years out of World War 2 (you know, the one where the Germans tried to take over the world?), that giving a speech to a cheering crowd of Germans isn't going to read well at home. But, of course, the liberals are not all that into history, and this probably never occurred to them when planning this event. It doesn't surprise me that Obama's European victory lap (taken before the election, of course) didn't get the huge bump in the polls that his campaign staff thought it would. There are plenty of WWII vets still alive and they all have families, extended families and friends, and they might see a presidential candidate pandering to the very people they fought a mere 60 or so years ago as not all that special. But that's just me.

I don't see average Americans as being as enamored of the Europeans as the liberals in our country seem to be. They're all for abolishing borders and having a EU style government of the North American Union. Give me an absolute break. Fortunately for America, average voters still love their sovereign country (America) and are not about to support the Marxist Mexican government and the loony, Eurostyle Canadian government (they're already prosecuting people in Canada who don't toe the PC party line...see Mark Steyn) being joined cheek by jowl with America. I see America falling to socialism eventually, but I'm hoping I'll be dead by then.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.....average Americans will NOT elect a presidential candidate whom they feel has nothing in common with them. You can spin it until you're blue in the face, but Obama is not, and can never be, everyman. As boring as John McCain is as a Republican presidential candidate, he is seen as a more common man than Obama ever will be.

What McCain needs to do now is ridicule Obama for his hubris in acting like the President before he gets elected....who cares about race when you can poke fun at an elitist? John Kerry lost his bid for the presidency the last time because he was seen as a snob who did not understand the day to day travails of the average citizen, and who could not seem to hold ONE position on anything. Obama is stepping into the same trap. Between his flip flops on core liberal issues and his obliteration of the fine line between being seen as potentially Presidential and being seen as presumptuous, his value as a candidate is hitting the liberal skids, even.

If somebody like Eleanor Clift is forced to admit that Obama is presumptuous, then the Emperor truly has No Clothes.


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