Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'll See Your Hagee and Raise You a Phleger

Looks like Obama is losing in the "preacher" sweepstakes. Again.

Just as the Obaminator rids himself of Pastor Wright and the media seas start to calm for him, up pops yet another colorful priest to pontificate in His name. Every time I raised Pastor Wright recently to one of my more progressive friends, he would come right back with..."well, what about Rev. Hagee?" Ok, I'll see your Rev. Hagee and raise you a Pastor (or is he a Rev?)Phleger....I probably use this term way too much in my writings concerning the stumbles and bumbles of the Democrat Party, but it's sooo hard not to. It's just......well, PRICELESS!!!

Obama's claims of great judgement are once again called into question as another of his alleged spiritual advisors spews a hate filled, sexist rant in Obama's own church! But of course, Mr. Obama didn't hear the actual racist rant (he wasn't there), and of course, he doesn't agree with what his spiritual advisor said....though he's Mr. Obama's self confessed spiritual advisor, and Phleger occupies space on Mr. Obama's website and all...but of course, Mr. Obama doesn't agree with his divisive message....yeah, that's the ticket! Mr. Obama doesn't agree with his message! Do you get the feeling you're in a Saturday Night Live sketch? I keep expecting John Lovitz to jump out while Obama to smiles cheesily into a camera somewhere and shouts..."LIVE FROM NEW YORK....IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!!!"

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen.

A man should rightly be judged on the company he keeps. Mr. Obama's choice of church calls his judgement into question, and rightly so....he has kept the company of men like Rev. Wright and Rev. Phleger for the last 20 years, and now he expects us to believe that these men have had absolutely no influence on him in all that time. I say balderdash.

If you associate yourself with men and women like the Revs. Wright and Phleger (both of whom Obama has had 20+ year relationships with, unlike Pastor Hagee who has little or no real relationship with McCain), William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn (both of whom are unapolagetic former domestic terrorists who have had a relatively intimate relationship with Obama...remember his initial announcement of his presidential candidacy happened at an event in their home), and participate in shady land deals with guys like Tony Rezko, chances are you will be judged by these associations, and guess what?? You should be.

The really ironic part of all this is that when I question Mr. Obama's thin resume, questionable relationships with former terrorists, and his relationships with hate spewing, alleged men of God, I am reviled as a "racist" by my progressive friends who are wholly in the tank for Obama. Most of these folks don't see this whole "pastor" flap as an issue because they don't really believe in God all that much anyway....some go to church to hedge their bets, but most true liberals believe in the Marxist tenet that religion is the opiate of the gun toting, bitter masses.

For the sake of full disclosure here, and because I call myself a "liberal" Republican, I will confess that I'm not all that big on organized religion myself. Because of men like the ones mentioned above, I tend to see organized religion as organized hypocrisy, and a tax free business that the top members of the church use to enrich themselves and promote whatever agenda they happen to have at the time.

So the question here for Mr. Obama is this: did you join the Trinity Church because you truly believed in the theology that Rev. Wright presents, or did you join the Church because you wanted to be seen as authentically black? In other words, were you lying then or are you lying now? Either way, it's disingenuous....and dangerous.


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