Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Liberal Social Experiment Run Amok

I was watching the Today show this morning, and they did an interview with a Baltimore public school art teacher who was badly beaten in her own classroom by a student, while the other students in the class stood in a ring around them, cheering the attacker on. One of the students subsequently posted the video of the beating on the internet. The story stated that only one student went for help. Disgusting.

The liberal social experiment that has caused the State to take the responsibility for disciplining their children out of the hands of parents is showing predictable results. Our children are running amok. They cannot be disciplined and they know it. They know they can assault any adult with impunity, because any adult who tries to corporally discipline a child can be prosecuted for child abuse by the state. The kids know that all they have to do is call the police and their disciplinarian will be arrested. This is unacceptable.

I got my last whoopin' at the ripe old age of 15, and even though I was righteous in my indignation at the time, in retrospect, I deserved it. I was a big girl and it took both of my parental units to hold me down and administer said whoopin', but I got it and I changed my behavior as a result.

Now, I'm not advocating whipping kids with electrical cords and wire coat hangers, and I know that there are some adults out there who would take corporal puninishment to an extreme, and those people ARE child abusers, but, let's face it, some teens are not too old for an old fashioned butt whipping. That's why God gave them an ass. In fact, I favor public caning of first offenders who tag, steal or assault adults, as that young man in Singapore was caned for vandalizing a car. I bet he never vandalized another car again....

The way I see it, corporal punishment should remain in a parent's arsenal of ways to control and educate their children, and it should also be an option in school for unruly children of all ages. Sometimes with teens, a "good talking to" or a "time out" does nothing to get through to them. In fact, they regard it as no punishment at all. Sometimes a kid just NEEDS an asswhoopin to get their attention. I assure you, I haven't forgotten that whipping I got at 15, and if a few more of these unruly kids got one, the world would be better off in the future for it.

Children need to know there are boundaries. They need to be taught that they bear personal responsibility for their behavior and that there are clear and painful consequences for certain behaviors, especially for violent attacks on adults. Inner city kids have even less reason to behave in a socially acceptable way because often they do not have discipline in their homes, due to the high percentage of unwed mothers with multiple fatherless children, who must devote most of their time toward the support of all their children, and thus, cannot spend the necessary time to sit on their teens and instill the proper social behavior and respect for their elders and teachers. They are latchkey kids who basically raise themselves and their only exposure to normal social behavior occurs in their school environment.

There was a time in this country when, if a kid acted up at school (and attacks on adults were rare at that time), not only would he get a whipping at school, he might get one or more from other concerned adults on his way home, and then yet another from the parents. This is how you teach children acceptable behavior. They learn to associate unacceptable behavior with pain and they learn that if they behave in an acceptable manner, they don't get a whipping. Simple aversion therapy.

Associate bad behavior with pain. Works for me. Actually, it WORKED for me, and I believe that the liberal social experiment of taking corporal discipline out of the parental arsenal has resulted in violent children who know they can assault an adult with impunity because the best the schools and the parents can do at this point is to give them a stern talking to. Yeah, right. Did any of you actually listen to a thing your parents and teachers told you when YOU were a teen? Thought not.

But I bet those lessons hit home, literally, when there was a switch or a belt on your ass.


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