Thursday, April 12, 2007

Justice Is Not Served Completely

Yesterday the Attorney General's office of the State of North Carolina dropped all the charges against the Duke Three. It's about time. Of course we all know now that this should have been done some time ago, and better bloggers than I have parsed this story pretty much to death.

What I want to address in this post is the fact that the DA has declined to press charges against Crystal Mangum, the erstwhile stripper/accuser in the case.

This is not justice being served. It is a craven act on the part of the DA's office because they fear the reaction of the black community, not because they're such nice guys.

Crystal Mangum, through her own actions, ruined the lives of these three boys. Granted, she was used as a tool by an unethical prosecutor, but the fact remains that there would have been no case had she not cried rape. These young men will never live down the stigma attached to this case, and now their reputations, for the rest of their natural lives, and Miss Crystal gets off scott free instead of paying the legal price for her vicious lies. She should be prosecuted, because she, also, had several opportunities to stop this train wreck before it picked up too much speed, as did Mr. Nifong, and I believe they should both be prosecuted for whatever the legal terms may be for bearing false witness, among other things.

Nifong will be prosecuted, but the stripper gets off....why? If not for her actions, and her lies, and her prevarications, these boys would have had a nice party and continued the rest of their lives without ever having been arrested, booked, fingerprinted, humiliated, and their parents having to bear the immense financial burden of their defense, which I'm sure the state will end up paying in a civil suit. What has happened to the liar?


Some bad what? What does this teach her? Evidently she's no stranger to false rape allegations, so one would think that it's time for her to pay for her lies. This is a travesty. The parents of the boys can win a judgement against her in civil court, but she's a broke down much money will they realistically see from a judgement against her? OJ will pay the Goldman's more....

Prosecute this woman. Teach her that she cannot ruin lives with her lies and walk away to lie again another day.

Then justice would be served completely.


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