Thursday, March 01, 2007

Candid Camera for Teenaged Drivers

I was watching the news tonight, and the program ran a story about teenaged drivers, and what a mess they are while they're learning to drive. Of course, you can't tell 'em anything. They were born knowing how to drive, and how dare you suggest that maybe they can't play with the radio, comb their hair, or have a 44 oz. Coke between their legs while they drive that 5 speed through heavy traffic!! With a cell phone to their ear! And their 3 best friends in the car!

Well, just as there must be a special ring of Hell for the schmuck who invented Viagra, there must be a special wing of paradise for the inventor of DriveCam.

What a marvelous idea! Candid Camera for Kiddies! And it works, too! The kids, knowing they're under surveillance, become more careful, and the risky behavior behind the wheel decreases by an average of 60-70%. I'm all for that. I used to be a teenager myself, and in the day, I had a lead foot, too. As does my child....but she got that from her father.

click here to see their videos.

At least 2 or 3 times a year there is a bad accident in my area involving teen drivers, and most of the time the cause of the accident is either speed or distraction. The camera goes on when the driver brakes hard, swerves or speeds and I can't think of a worthier invention for saving the lives of new drivers.


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I did a slow count one time of my kids' and their friends' driving records. My own kids included, the serious accident rate had to be above 95%. Four fatalities in three accidents. Several total wrecks. My youngest is the safest of my three. She's had her accidents, but the score there is 1 bear, 1 deer, and 1 bus that slid into her in an icy parking lot. My oldest daughter had a bad day a while back. She tangled with a Mercedes that was weaving in and out in a race to reach a ski area in a blizzard. Highway Patrol found no fault, but her car was banged up. Then later that day on the same road, she sideswiped a big snow blower in a whiteout. The snow blower opened her Subaru like a can opener, but there were no injuries. The CHP tagged her that time. Said she'd had the bad luck to hit a state vehicle, plus the earlier incident left him no choice. I didn't know about the earlier event with the Mercedes until the cop spilled the beans. I'd buy that gadget in a heartbeat if my kids were younger.

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Check your e-mail.

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