Monday, October 23, 2006

Interesting Website Alert

I was reading LaShawn Barber's Corner today, and she linked to a marvelous blog about the Duke Rape Case. It's called Crystal Mess. If you're interested in a well written view of the case, mosey over.

Today's essay is an answer to a newspaper column by Cash Michaels, on the recent 60 Minutes episode on the Case. Mr. Michaels contends that the program didn't present a "balanced" report, and proceeds to lay out his arguments, which Crystal Mess proceeds to shred in a most methodical manner. The author doesn't give his name or much about himself, but I 'magine he's been to law school, and his writing has a real bite to it. I found his style very informative and entertaining to read, in spite of the gravity of the subject.

Sitting down to pen his latest article, entitled How '60 Minutes' Failed The Fairness Test, published Thursday in the Wilmington Journal, Cash Michaels made an affirmative and despicable decision. By-passing the wholly appropriate opportunity to drive the final nail into the coffin bearing Mike Nifong's dwindling election hopes, Michaels consciously elected instead to channel South Park's Johnny Cochran and, in so choosing, staked his place among those doing their part to keep those hopes alive.

Cash will feign insult at the accusation, and protest that he has never, and CAN'T, tell the electorate how to vote. He's free to speak, and I'm free to tell him to shut up. Simple. Cash is acutely aware of the sway his opinions hold over the local black community. He may deny undertaking to endorse or decry the endorsement of a particular candidate. He cannot deny that he is deeply trusted and eagerly looked to for guidance by his flock, and that his pronouncements have the practical effect of spurring black community action largely in accordance with, and furtherance of, his views.

Michaels has often claimed that he reports upon the Hoax as an "entire process," rather than a "football game," merely noting what he sees and hears. In the very next sentence of his linked musings, however, he chides that, "when somebody says I'm "waffling," they made the grave error of assuming I was on their side." He will respond that I have mis-interpreted that statement. He will say that he wrote it to convey that he does not have a side. Shut up.

It's worth the read.


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