Friday, October 20, 2006

Leak to NYT May Have Been Found

It seems that the Dumbocrats are at it again. Ed Morrissey, over at the Captain's Quarters has a blog post about this today. Seems that there was a certain Democratic Staffer on the House Intelligence Committee (sounds kinda oxy-moronic doesn't it?) has been suspended pending an investigation.

Here's an excerpt of that post:
With the election pending, the temptation would be to look at this as an electoral issue, but it's not going to have that kind of impact. Leaks do not generally come from one party or the other; they do usually have political motivations, though, and it's always been more likely to have been a Democrat than a Republican for a number of reasons. Democrats have been shut out of the oversight process and would be more likely to lash out in this manner. Their opposition to the programs, at least after their exposure, also provides another motive. However, I doubt that people will consider the staffers when it comes time to vote for their representatives.

What is the problem with these people? Why do they feel like they can take an oath not to reveal this type of intelligence, then do it anyway for a mere political agenda? Do these people suffer from delusions of grandeur, or think that they're heroes of some sort by "bringing down" programs that actually help defend their fellow citizens from terrorist attacks? Obviously the Dumbocrats can't be trusted with the security of our nation, if they're so ready and willing to divulge state secrets merely because they disapprove of the present administration, which, will be gone in 2 years anyway!

What part of "George W. Bush is a lame duck" don't they understand? They're beginning to remind me of the Palistinians, who made it perfectly clear by electing Hamas that they hate the Israelis more than they love their children. Evidently, the Dumbocrats hate GW more than they love their country. Sad. Very sad.

And these are the folks that some Republicans would let into power just to "teach the R's a lesson?" What are you, nuts?

All the more reason to vote Republican in this, and any other election, unless of course you want to learn Arabic...


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