Friday, October 20, 2006

Democrats - The Mature Party!

Just when I think Howard Dean can't be any more stupid, he surprises me by doing just that. What in the world moved him to decline an invitation to be on the TODAY Show this morning, just because he would be sharing the screen with the RNC Chairman, Ken Mehlman? They actually had to resort to having the former Chairman of the DNC on instead, which IMO makes Dean look really petty. Is it me, or does this sort of childish, I'm-not-going-if-HE'S-going-to-be-there attitude reflect well upon the liberal left? I think not. I still can't understand how Dean got the job in the first place, unless it was due to the Kos Kids' influence in the DNC.

You would think that Dean would jump at the chance to bash the Republicans in any forum, on any day, at any time....after all, isn't that his job description as Chairman of the DNC? Sure looked like Mehlman was doing his job....where was Dean?

Real mature, there, Howie! I guess this is the sort of behavior we can count on after the Dumbocrats lose the 2008 presidential race, too, huh?


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