Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blogging Gas Prices for Posterity

Just so we can keep track of it, the price of gas at the corner gas station in my neighborhood just went down to a new low of $2.12 this morning.

On Wednesday, September 13, I noted that gas had fallen to $2.40.

I saw a news story on the Today show this morning, where they pointed out that lots of people think the low gas prices are being manipulated by the gas companies for W's benefit just before the election, and speculated that gas prices will be going up after the election. Well...DUHHHHH.

What's after the election? The Holidays! Thanksgiving and Christmas...the high holy days of travel. Of COURSE the gas prices will go up for the holidays, just like they do in the summer. The question is, when they go back up, will they go back to the $3.00 range, or stay more reasonable? Time will tell....


Blogger linearthinker said...

Fundamental economics. One more thing that's W's fault. He's just amazing. And so modest.

6:55 PM  

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