Thursday, March 22, 2007

An Open Letter to John Edwards

Dear Mr. Edwards:

What sort of egotistical, self-absorbed martinet are you??

Your wife has just been diagnosed with a recurring cancer, this time of the malignant, bone variety, and you seem to be planning to sacrifice her and your marriage on the alter of your all-consuming ambition to be President, in spite of the fact that in the coming months, she's going to be very, very sick, either from the disease or the cure. Are you nuts? Are you so determined to be President that you would allow your wife to go through the hell of radiation and chemotherapy in the middle of a campaign, and in the glare of the public eye? It is stressful enough for a healthy woman to be subjected to the 24/7 scrutiny of both the press and your opponents during a presidential campaign, but for a woman who is being treated for cancer? Do you even care? Of course, you mouth all the politically correct platitudes, but do you really mean it?

Are you planning to parade her in front of the cameras as a plug for the need for universal heath care? Are you planning to exploit her condition, and the side effects of chemotherapy for the world to see just to garner a few sympathy votes? Do you think that because of her condition, the critics will decide you are above the usual mud slung at presidential candidates because you have the moral high ground (a sick spouse)?

What the hell are you thinking? Isn't it enough that that this woman has given you her youth, your children, and supported your ego through thick and thin? Do you now feel that her diagnosis is a drag on your ambitions, so you'll just have her "soldier on?" Have you so brainwashed her into believing that you can, uh, win.....that she's ready to brave the flashbulbs and rude questions while her hair is falling out, and the effects of the chemotherapy make her want to barf every 5 minutes?

If this is your idea of being a supportive husband, I truly feel sorry for Elizabeth. If you were a man, instead of a mealy-mouthed, self-absorbed worm, you would do your duty to your ever-faithful wife and quit the race. It's not like you're even considered a front runner anymore, and that you've even got a ghost of a chance to win (you are a distant 3rd or 4th)'re just going to drag your sick wife through the mud of your campaign, and rest assured, there will be mud, instead of being a loving husband and sublimating (for probably the first time in your miserable life) your desire to serve your ego, and support your wife, the mother of your children, during HER time of need.

At this point, even if I were inclined to vote for you (which I'm not), your consumate selfishness in wanting to go through with your campaign for President in the face of your wife's fight for her life, would definitely lose you my vote. I hope there are millions of others who feel like I do, who will eventually shame you into quitting.....

Update: It seems that not only did Mr. Edwards have the unmitigated gall to drag his sick wife through a presidential campaign, he was having an affair with another woman during the same time. His "excuse" in a recent interview was that his "ego" took over and basically, he couldn't help himself. I imagine he justified it in his head because his wife was too sick at the time to take care of his physical needs, so he just handed off that wifely duty to another woman out of "sympathy" for his wife's condition.....what a waste of skin.

And THIS guy wanted to be President?


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