Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don Imus and the Race Baiting Bullies

Yesterday, I watched as Don Imus abased himself before the race-baiting demigogue, Al Sharpton, on both Sharpton's radio show and on the TODAY Show. A thought occurred to me as I watched this train wreck of a non-story unfold, even this morning, as the Rutgers women's basketball team weighed in on the issue. Why is it that the world can excoriate a white man for his crude and tasteless remarks, but guys like Jay-Z and C-Murder and commedians like Chris Rock not only don't lose their jobs, but are actually given awards for their racist tripe? Tune in to any black comedy show these days and all you hear are jokes about how lame white people are. I can't think of one white commedian since Andrew Dice Clay who could make jokes about black people like that and not have to spend time in Rehab.

Granted, what Imus said was tasteless and crude, and his words brought back another time in our history when he could have said something like that on the air and nobody would have thought twice about it. This says something for the progress that America has made in the area of civil rights.

That said, why is it that nobody, and I mean NOBODY brought it up to Mr. Sharpton that the reason he's even got a national bully pulpit is because of Tawanna Brawley. Anybody remember her?? The black girl who was supposedly raped and smeared with fecal material by "white men?" Turns out that much like Ms. Mangum (the accuser) at Duke, she was a liar, who spawned the story to avoid getting in trouble with her family for staying out too late....this is a man who makes his living pandering to the victimhood of blacks who are still convinced, 150 years after slavery was abolished, and 40 years after the civil rights struggle, that the "man" is holding them back from success. This is so much poppycock. This man makes money off the backs of ignorant blacks who seem to think that the white man owes them a living because their 5 times great-grandparents may have been slaves. Please....America is the land of opportunity, and the key to success lies in one word. EDUCATION. Stop regarding getting an education as "acting white" or "selling out." Start looking at it as a passport out of the metaphorical ghetto, or even the REAL ghetto or barrio. Stop young women from having several, essentially fatherless children before the age of 20. Have some respect for yourself, and maybe a little ambition, and stop this socialistic, parasitic practice of letting the government take care of you, because IMO, you're still on the government plantation if you're on the dole, and the "man" is still controlling your life if you're taking his money. He who has the money makes the rules. Live with it.

So, why is it that it's ok for a rapper like Snoop Dogg to denigrate women as "bitches and ho's" in what passes for his "music," not to mention the way young blacks call each other "nigga" all the time?? Personally, I don't get it. Of course, I'm not defending Imus (who deserves the punishment he got) as much as questioning how you can have a "colorblind" society if parts of the language of that society are the exclusive province of a particular group. Until these offensive phrases are ejected from the vocabularies of ALL people, regardless of race, creed or color, the politically correct, fascist language tyranny from the left half of the political spectrum needs to stop. If it's sauce for the goose, it's sauce for the gander.

You want to stop racism? Wash everybody's mouth out with soap, and stop the victim mentality.


Blogger James C. Collier said...

checkout my version of agreement...

One minute an airhead hotel heiress is ‘caught’ without her panties and the next thing you know every Tom, Dick, and Britney Spears are showing us panty-less crotches. Then comes drunken Mel with his anti-Semitic tirade, followed by Michael Richards, Isaiah Washington, and now Don ‘nappy-head’ Imus. Throw in the wildcard Gov’nator of California, Arnold Schwartza’negro, and prime time won’t be able to handle the apology traffic.

I can just imagine what George Bush’s handlers are working on even as we speak. Surely he could make some off-hand racist or sexist reference to Condi that would get his bee-hind out of Dodge, while giving his ratings a boost. He’d better be quick about it though, the Reverends Al and Jesse are stacking the guest apologies up like mid-day traffic at O’Hare. Each will undoubted have a daily ‘white man with his tail-between-his- legs’ talk show. The Vatican is probably thinking where the heck is that Farther Guido Sarducci dude when he could finally generate some serious Nielsons.

Anyway, I am tired of these ‘accidental’ racist screw-ups. They are not accidental, but rather lame attempts for people to exploit the level of stupidity we all have achieved. We dignify foolishness by recognizing it in full 360-degree THX YouTube-captured fidelity, way past the point of news worthiness. It is sad that we are so firmly ensconced in the age of ‘info-tainment’.

I will stop now, before I say something I will regret, all the way to the bank.

James C. Collier

12:33 PM  

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