Thursday, February 07, 2008

Immigration and the Law of the Land

An Open Letter to the Honorable (yeah right) members of our esteemed Senate and all the people who think illegal aliens should be granted citizenship:

I agree.

I think illegals should be granted citizenship on one condition: I, and every citizen who have followed the laws of our land for our entire lives should get a free felony, too!! I want mine to be a free murder....

If 20 million people can commit a felony and be rewarded with citizenship for having gotten away with it for years, then, by God, the other 280 million citizens of this country should get a free felony, too. Why should I have to obey the law when illegals sneak into my country by the millions and the ignorant, pandering, scum of the earth politicians want to reward their perfidy with citizenship? The rest of us law abiding citizens should get a free felony too! Why is it that the rest of us are expected to obey the law, but a bunch of people who commit felonies right off the bat, and thumb their noses at our laws because they "want a better life" should be rewarded for this abhorrent behavior???

I have nothing against immigrants. They are hard working folks who do just want to provide a bette life for their children, but they must be willing to a) come into the country LEGALLY, i.e., file the proper paperwork and wait their turns; b) they must be willing to assimilate and learn our language and customs; and c) they must follow our laws from day one, not just after they commit a felony by sneaking into the country. They must not try to import their culture into mine, because, let's face it, if your country was so great, you wouldn't be risking your life and committing felonies to get out of your toilet of a country to live in America. So don't tell me how great your country is while you are trashing mine or go home...the choice is simple.

I have a very short list of candidates for my free murder, but at the top of the list is a man who very nearly succeeded in ruining my life, merely because I figured out he was a lying sociopath (textbook!) and tried to get rid of him. He had me arrested, tried to steal my belongings, and then used the local police to stalk me for 8 months after that, until he was finally evicted from his residence and forced to leave me alone by his own circumstances. The police even had the nerve to call my unlisted phone number to get background information on him after he threatened one of them with an imaginary gun. Suddenly he became America's Most Wanted....he stalked and harrassed me with impunity for almost a year and the authorities did nothing, even after at least 20 calls to the police on his part, they told me they were "mandated" to investigate the calls, even though it was patently clear that he was a nutjob and was using them to harrass me. But let him threaten one of them and it's a Federal Case. Puleeze.

Anyway, if the illegals can commit a felony and the pols will reward them with citizenship, then why can't the rest of us get a free felony too? Makes sense to me.


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