Friday, February 08, 2008

Obama for VEEP?

Lately the liberal trolls on my favorite blog have been calling for Hillary to select Obama for VP...

I believe we will see pigs with wings on that day.

There is no way in heck that Hill's gonna pick Obama for the vice presidential slot. He would upstage her at every turn, and after all she's been through, she wants to be the star. You know what they say in Hollyweird...never work with animals and children, because they're natural scene stealers. Obama has the youthful look JFK had, and every bit of Bill's natural charisma. Hillary would be shooting herself in the foot to pick him.

Better to pick a schlepp like Bill Richardson whom she could dominate and who actually has some skills other than a law degree and a pretty fact to bring to the administration, and who would never, ever upstage the Queen.

Once again, the libs are delusional.

I'm lovin' it!


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