Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reaping the Whirlwind

Sow the wind, and ye shall reap the whirlwind.

Profound words that the Democrat party should be considering right now. They are in a unique historical and political position and they've done it without any help from the Republican party, for a change. In an election cycle that should be a cakewalk for them, i.e., Bush's low approval ratings, the economy, gas prices and the War in Iraq, they have painted themselves into a corner, and are positioned, IMO, to lose an election they should win, by a landslide.

Not only have they pitted their two biggest voter demographics against each other, they'll be forced to give the nomination to a neophyte politician with a paper thin resume, no real executive experience, questionable associations with former domestic terrorists and radical racist pastors, and the dubious distinction of being the number one far left Senator in the US, just because he's black. Not to mention his naive foreign policy comments, and I won't even start in on his choice of advisors. For a guy who is running on his vaunted "judgement," his selection of advisors calls that judgement into question. The Democrat party bosses know that if Obama doesn't get the nomination, blacks and probably young college voters will bolt the party, and they've decided that women are the lesser of the two voting blocs to throw under the bus. Perhaps because they don't always vote in lock step with the party....women tend to be practical beings and will vote for the pol they think best suits their needs.

Hillary Clinton is looking more and more like a winner, while Obama has won a few since Super Tuesday, he got crushed in states like West Virginia and Kentucky....but, he speaks well and he's telling his "fans"(I actually heard a woman who called the Rush Limbaugh program refer to herself as an Obama 'fan') that he's the agent of Hope and Change!! and they're swallowing it hook, line and sinker. Yuck...I can't imagine being a "fan" of a presidential candidate.

But the Democrats are stuck now.

According to what I've read, Hillary trounces McCain in states like Kentucky and Arkansas, but in the McCain/Obama matchup, Obama loses big. Unfortunately, there are not enough liberal, latte drinking, rich, black people who went to Ivy League colleges to get Obama elected. Joe Average doesn't like to be patronized by candidates for president...or anybody else, for that matter, and trust me, he knows Obama is patronizing him to pander for votes and it ain't happenin'. Joe Average will reject Obama in droves in the general election and give McCain a win for the history books. Something along the lines of DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN. Of course, we all know now that there was no President Dewey!

The other corner the Democrats have painted themselves into is calling anybody who questions Obama's annointing a racist. This is sooooo going to backfire. Yes, I'm sure there are people in this world who still refer to blacks as niggers, and I'm equally sure there are blacks that still refer to white people as honkeys, or something equally what? These people are the minority now, and the only people ghetto blacks have to blame for their crappy living conditions are themselves anymore. "The Man" doesn't exist, and if he does, just get an education and go around him.

Call me a racist and I'll vote for the devil himself to spite you.

Barak Obama is Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, and Jesse Jackson all rolled into one very charismatic and very empty package. If this is the best the Democratic party has to offer, they are indeed going to reap the whirlwind in the form of a Republican landslide.


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