Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Will Bill be Hillary's Achilles Heel?

Is Bill Clinton unconsciously sabotaging his wife's efforts to become President of the United States?

Given his most recent meltdown on a Philadelphia radio show, and his comments regarding the results of the South Carolina primary, the case can be made that Bill Clinton really doesn't want his wife to become POTUS.

After all, we know Bill's ego is monumental, and whatever "legacy," and I use that term loosely, Clinton has from his 2 terms as President would pale in comparison to what Hillary would accomplish in one stroke if she wins the election. She would make history as the first female POTUS right off the bat, and that's just for starters. Bill's shameful "Cigargate," his false testimony to Congress, and his selling of pardons taint his terms in office, not to mention being only the 2nd US President in history to be impeached. That's hardly the kind of accomplishments one wants in one's obituary....

If Hillary wins the nomination after a hard fight with another historical candidate, and then somehow manages to win the general election, her star would eclipse his immediately, and anything she does after that, short of her own impeachment, would overshadow his accomplishments and she would become the star of the family. Can Bill's ego live with that? I don't think so. Does he really want to be the "First Gentleman?" I can't even type that title without a giggle. Instead of going down in history as a President, Bill's presidency would end up as a footnote in dusty presidential history tomes and his legacy will become having been the husband of the first female President of the United States.

So, it doesn't surprise me that he's dropping little bombs that can ultimately keep his wife from winning the nomination, thus keeping her out of the presidency completely. I would venture to say that most politicians are passive/aggressive personalities, so it's completely reasonable that Bill would use passive/aggressive tactics to maintain whatever legacy he thinks he has, and to do that he has to sabotage his wife's candidacy, but in such a way that nobody can completely blame it on him.


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