Sunday, April 13, 2008

Elitist Tone Deafness - Obama has a Tin Ear

Welly, welly, welly....welly well. Obama has finally unmasked himself. Is anybody surprised that he is an elitist who thinks small-town Americans are "bitter," and "cling to their guns and their religion" and hate anybody who isn't them?

Is anybody surprised that these remarks were made in front of a mega-rich group of liberal donors in San Francisco? Of course not. He was preaching to the choir. This is how your west coast libs see the rest of the US of A...a bunch of gun toting, bible quoting, bitter, queer haters who cling to their outdated morals and silly patriotic traditions and keep their women barefoot and pregnant. These out-of-touch liberals probably think we don't need a military either....morons. They'd be the first ones screaming for military intervention to save their sorry asses in the event of an invasion, though the learned and progressive citizens of Berkeley have made it perfectly clear to the military that "they aren't wanted in this city."

You may be asking yourself what Obama was thinking when he issued this statement? The answer is that he was thinking that his remarks would go over well with his audience, which, of course they did, but I doubt he was thinking that he'd be ratted out over it by his own....the Huffington Post. Ya gotta admit....that's priceless!

Yet, my liberal friends assure me that the Dems will line up behind whomever gets the nomination like good little soldiers. Yeah, right. They're eating their own already and it will just get worse as the convention nears, because Hillary will never give up, and you gotta admire her determination, even if it's on the dark side.

Of course, if I was Hillary, I wouldn't give up either. She can't help it if her party is a bunch of lilly livered, spinless surrender monkeys who don't have the stomach for a nasty election campaign, let alone the spine it takes to stand up to international bullies who would see the Jews run into the sea and Americans on their knees with a sword on their necks. Now that Obama has unmasked himself for the elitist, inexperienced politial hack that he is, she might still have a shot at the nomination. A few more dumbass remarks like Obama's on middle America, and who knows? She might actually win the nomination at the convention, because between the radical, paranoid, anti-American rantings of his "friend and mentor of over 20 years," the Rev. Wrong and his elitist, condescending remarks about middle America....Obama's looking less and less electable.


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