Saturday, May 03, 2008

Miley Cyrus Learns to Sing the Blues

Whither Miley Cyrus...

I will be the first one to say that Miley Cyrus has been had. She's fifteen years old, people. Get real. Anybody who would say that this girl wasn't manipulated to produce the "shot sold 'round the world" has a screw or three on the loose. It just occurred to me that maybe she's the tabloid princess to replace Britney Spears.

Think about it....I'm broke, so I don't have cable TV. By virtue of that fact, I am barred from the 24/7 media coverage of this story, other than the coverage on EVERY major television netowork, so I'd pretty much have to live in Borneo to not know about it. But, since I have internet access and a pretty boss, fairly new, really BIG tv....I know about it.

This is a total non-issue as far as the minor in question (Miley Cyrus) is concerned. The fact that the pic was taken at the end of the shoot, after her handlers (Dad & Co.), thinking the shoot was done, or nearly so, had gone, leaving the minor child with the photographer, who has an international, long term reputation for taking....uh....artistic shots of celebities, and who happens to unabashed and unapolgetic...uhm...LESBIAN...well it's just natural to leave your..uhm...15 year old daughter in the hands of such a....trustworthy artist. Heck even Rosie O'Donnell thinks the pictures are....uhm....artistic!.....yeah!...that's the ticket!....yeah...ARTISTIC.....with a captial A; artistic....that's what it is. I call it lesbian porn...but what do I know? I'm not a lesbian. But if I was a talented and unapologetic lesbian photographer, talented to the extreme.....three times the age of the young woman in her charge...would I just maybe....maybe, just a little bit...push the edge of the envelope to get the picture she got.

Imagine that.

Now, the adult purpetrator of this porn shoot with a child gets away with her crime in public in the name of art and the victim of her lesbian pornographic pictures gets pilloried by the sanctimonious press, at fifteen years old, makes me physically sick. What in the world is our world coming to when a 50-something lesbian can manipulate a 15 year old girl and the young one suffers the consequences? I'm sorry, but I so don't get that.

Yes, maybe her handlers fell down on the job. Maybe her parents actually trusted the photographer with an international, long term, award winning repuation. I might. I might be so star struck by this particular photographer, who has photgraphed everybody who is anybody for the last, oh....thirty years, that at the end of a shoot, I might succumb to my own schedule, and leave my famous, 15 year old female progeny in the most capable hands of such an artistic *cough**lesbian**cough* photographer *cough**cough******

But what do I know? Nothing. The fact is that the 15 year old CHILD with a woman's body was manipulated by a worldly wise lesbian who had everything to gain from exploiting this inexperienced little girl. The photographer got her "artistic" shot....the child got the shaft.


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