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This is the essay I never thought I would write, and the following are words I never thought I would actually put to paper, or the internet, or even admit to myself.....I am actually starting to admire Hillary Clinton!

First, let me say that despite my new found admiration for Hillary, I would never, ever vote for her, because I don't agree with her on policy, but I confess, it did my heart good to hear her say that if Iran lobbed a nuke at Israel, she would annihilate them.

This is the way I want to hear my President talk. Tough. I want to know that my President supports the only allies we have in the middle east, and I don't want to hear any waffles or quibbles about supporting them. The Israelis took a barren piece of rocky land in the middle east, paid for it, then turned it into a vibrant and successful nation. What have the alleged Palestinians done but never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity? What did they do when Israel abandoned the settlements, with lovely, working greenhouses to the Palestinians? They were promptly torn down and their pieces stolen and or completely destroyed. Greenhouses that could have been used to feed the Palestinians, they would rather tear them down and let the people starve. Let's hear it for the Palestinian leadership! Yeah! We'd rather let our people starve than cultivate food in buildings erected by JOOOOOOSSS!

But I digress...

This essay is about my newly discovered respect for Hillary the fighter. As Kyle-Ann Shiver notes in her piece on American Thinker:

Hillary has been hounded by her once-adoring Democrat fans to withdraw and fade
quietly from the race. For the good of the party, they have said.
If there is a single shred of grown-up quality left in the
Democrat Party, it is only evidenced by Hillary Clinton's refusal to let the
Party blindly nominate a thoroughly wet-behind-the-ears, know-nothing candidate,
who has gotten to this political height on the strength of a cowering, blind
media elite (as Bill Clinton said earlier in this campaign), a bunch of
hormonally driven college students, and the color of his own skin. What else
could it have been that got Obama here? He has nothing of substance to offer
this Nation. No integrity of character. No wisdom. No experience, except continuously campaigning, organizing and latching onto bad mentors and money-raisers. Democrat qualities all, to be sure, but usually their candidates have something else to bring to the table. Hillary Clinton has actually served more than one full term in the Senate. She has actually served in a Republican-majority
Senate. And she actually has crossed the aisle and worked side-by-side with Republicans to actually get a few things done. Barack Obama has done
nothing, nothing. Yet, Hillary has been painted by the media as the
humorless shrew, an old hag, and a pantsuit-wearing, androgynous harridan

Any reasonable person, even one who thinks that up until this time, Hillary has done nothing but sell out her "woman card," by staying with a womanizing, abusive husband, and who would say or do anything in her naked ambition to hold power, including carpetbagging a senate seat in New York that she thought was an easy win (evidently it was), has to admire her intestinal fortitude in stubbornly refusing to quit the race for the Democratic Party nomination. Especially in the face of all the former Clintonistas jumping ship left and right, like the feckless professional politicians they are.

This is a testament to why women were, as Kyle-Ann pointed out, chosen by God to bear children. It takes guts and grit to bear and raise children, to maintain a home and a family, and in some cases, work a very stressful job as well.

Hillary is a fighter, if nothing else, and I must admire her abject refusal to admit defeat until the first vote of the convention. The reason the Democratic elites want her to quit is so that they can recover from the debacle of pitting their two largest voter demographics against each other, but I fear the damage is already done. The reason the Democratic Party is in this mess to begin with is their eagerness to jump the gun and the deadlines, now they want to make it worse by having Hillary quit the race when she still does have a chance. Most people don't know this, but half the National Rules Committee is composed of Clinton supporters and she's got a pretty good shot at getting the Michigan and Florida delegates seated, with votes, at the convention, which would put her neck and neck, maybe even a few delegates ahead of Obama. Why should she quit?

I wouldn't.


Blogger Michael Stephenson said...

I am shocked Duchess i never would have imagined you would ever ever have a kind thing to say regarding your political belief that all Democrats are sub human...or a softening of those beliefs in any way. You just loved the comment about nuking them all I know....OH, BTW did you get a invite to Lady Jenna's Wedding?? Some day i will meet you at the Lone Star and beat the shit out of you in pool!!!After u sign up for a tour of duty for Uncle Sam in Iraq.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Michael Stephenson said...

I am shocked Duchess i never would have imagined you would have a kind thing to say regarding your political beliefs or a softening of them. You just loved the comment about nuking them all...OH, BTW did you get a invite to Lady Jenna's Wedding?? Some day i will meet you at the Lone Star and beat the shit out of you in pool!!!

2:35 PM  

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