Monday, June 02, 2008

Why Do Jews Vote Democrat?

Are Jews so endemically victimized and genetically suicidal that they just can't resist the urge to immolate themselves by voting to elect a man who will jettison their religious homeland as soon as it is politically expedient to do so?

The drumbeat on the left is drumming these days for the poor, downtrodden Palestinians. Former President Jimmy Carter recently made a trip to Syria to hug on Khalid Meshal, the erstwhile leader of the Hamas party in Gaza, who is such a good leader he has to do it from another country. Mr. Carter was making nice with the terrorists who would see the Jews run into the sea and their country wiped from the face of the earth. In fact, we all know that the Hamas organization charter calls for the destruction of Israel, yet Mr. Carter feels free to negotiate with these monsters while accusing the Israelis of South African style apartheid.


The Israelis built a fence to keep their people safe from the rockets being fired into their country from the Occupied Territories, which, by the way, aren't Occupied anymore by anybody but the Palestinians. In my book, firing a rocket from one country into another constitutes an act of war. What would Americans think if the Mexicans started firing rockets into Texas? Well....*grins* that might not be such a good example because the Texans would mobilize all by themselves and go across the border to kick some ass. So, what if the Mexicans started firing rockets into California? Would we just let 'em do it? What if the Canadians started bombing New York? Would we just stand there like sheep and die? My guess is no.

So why are the Israelis practicing apartheid if all they are doing is trying to keep their population safe? And why is the left in this country supporting the wrong guys?? What would we, as Americans think if some crazy Canuks decided to start blowing themselves up at the Mall of America? Or Mexicans blowing themselves up in crowded buses full of innocent commuters, whose most radical thought in their entire lives might be whether or not to try arugula?

And why, oh why do American Jews want to aid in the destruction of Israel, and a possible 2nd holocaust by voting the liberal Democratic ticket? Are they blind or just stupid? Do they not read the papers or listen to the news? Do they not understand that the liberal drumbeat of dumping American support for Israel means them, too? Do they not get that they will be the next on the liberal list of persona non grata? Or are they gonna feed their brothers in Israel to the alligator hoping he won't come eventually for them?

I'm sorry but I just don't understand. I read somewhere on the Internet that the Ashkenazim are supposed to be the most intelligent people on the planet, but I'm just not seeing it....they can't be all that smart if they continue to vote for a party who would appease the radical muslims by abandoning support for Israel as soon as they attain power.

In my mind, voting for your own destruction isn't very smart at all. But....there must have been Jews that voted for Hitler too, thinking that he didn't really mean all those things he campaigned know, eradicating Jews and other non-Arians. The alligator got them too, didn't he?


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