Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What Now?

Ok, now that Obama has declared himself the winner of the Democrat primary process....what now? Do the Dems really believe that all or even most of Hillary's supporters are going to line up like good little socialist soldiers and cast their votes for Obama?

I think not....

If the following is any indication, Obama's got a tough row to hoe to convince his fellow Dems that he is indeed their Messiah. I read this on the NY Times website, in a column called the Opinionator. It is a comment posted by one of the readers, presumably a Democrat:
Didn’t anybody notice the screaming supporters that follow Hillary pushing her to stay on? That there is at least half of the democratic party that isn’t cheering for Obama? That unlike republicans democrats will not fall in line just because they are told that they need to turn from Hillary and vote for Obama? I wasn’t a Hillary supporter and didn’t even vote for her in either senate race, though I must admit that I have come to respect the job she has done in the senate and the in-roads and alliances she made there herself. But watching, listening and reading what’s been said about her, her supporters and her voters, Camp Obama has made me a Hillary supporter.
I would vote for her, but I wouldn’t vote for him. I distrust the person I fear he is. We’ve watched Bush abuse loyalty to the detriment of the nation, but I fear Obama has none other than to himself. I distrust his rhetoric, he talks only in soundbites with no real substance - he promises substance but in months and months of campaigning we’ve seen none. So just how many of Hillary voters will become meek little lambs and vote how they are told to by Camp Obama?

Posted by Katy

If this is the average Hillary supporter talking here, then Obama has his work cut out for him just to get the half of his party that doesn't support him to come around, let alone the other half of the country that thinks he's an empty suit with a grand rhetorical style, but no grand substance to match.

This time around, race trumps gender, though I don't understand what either quality has to do with being prepared to tote the nuclear football around and answer that red phone at 2 o'clock in the morning. The fact that Obama has insisted until recently that he would meet with Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, shows me that he is naive at best and dangerously inexperienced at worst. Now is no time for on-the-job training.

I see Obama as the second coming of Jimmy Carter or worse....a Neville Chamberlain type socialist appeaser who, if elected, will make us long for a return to the spineless administration of Jimmy Carter or the halcyon days of the corrupt Clinton administration.
Of course, we all want a return to September 10, 2001, before our security as a nation was shattered by a bunch of radical muslims bent on terrorizing Americans into submission to Allah. Unfortunately, our world and our way of seeing the world was changed the next day, and those of us who live in the real world, and not some liberal fantasy world where everybody loves each other and links arms to sing Kumbayah every night, understand that the threat to our way of life is very real and a far left appeaser who will throw Israel to the radical muslims as a way of holding off the alligator is unacceptable.


Anonymous Interval said...

As a lifelong Democrat, and a Clinton supporter, I can assure you the vast majority of my fellow Clinton followers will line up en mass to vote for Sen. Obama.

I think the record crowds you saw across the United States in the Democratic primaries is proof enough that Republicans should brace themselves. Why, I bet even "Katy" will join the ranks once she accepts our candidate lost and American Democracy is alive and well.

6:02 PM  

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