Friday, August 08, 2008

Obama's But is Showing.

I love my country, but.....

I'm proud to be an American, but....

The Democrat's but's are showing. They love their country,'s not what it once was. The last 6 words of that sentence were directed recently, by Mr. Obama, at a 7 year old girl asking the candidate why he ran for president. What purpose, do you suppose, is there in telling a little girl, with her entire life ahead of her, that her country sucks? Why tell a child that the only place she's ever known as home "isn't what it once was?" Why not just tell her he's running because he loves his country and leave the "but" out? Why poison a child?

If this is love of country, count me out. If this is Obama's pride in his culture, we're in deep do-do. I'm not one, generally, to echo Rush Limbaugh (I'm not a huge fan of his, due to his propensity to call strong minded, independent women Feminazis), but...why couldn't Obama just tell that little girl that he ran for president because America is the greatest nation in the world and he wants to be president of it because of that?

Americans don't want to hear the buts. We want to hear "I'm proud of my country," or "I love my country." We don't want to hear it qualified. We want to hear it plain. We want to know that the man we elect to lead us loves his country without reservation, without qualifications and without the "but's." Obama tells us he loves his country, but....we should be more like Europe.

We know America isn't perfect...nothing is, and despite the liberal dream of a perfect, utopian society, which, to them is NOT this one, why is America still the country that people in every other country want to emmigrate to? They don't say, "I want to live in America, but, it's not the country it once was," they just say they want to live in America because it's a better country than the one they're coming from. Isn't it strange that they only immigrants you hear complaining about America are the ones that come here illegally?

Why can't Obama bring himself to just say..."I love my country, and I'm proud to be an American?" Why does he have to qualify it with a "but?" Hopefully, sane, thinking Americans will tell Mr. Obama, by means of a historic landslide for the most boring Republican in years, that his "but" is showing and we want none of it.


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