Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Greatest Generation Goofed....

And their children are making it worse.

The Greatest Generation are generally thought to be those who fought and survived WWII. They came home from the privations and traumas of war to father and raise the next generation, generally referred to as the Baby Boomers. Your erstwhile author is at the tail end of that generation, having been born in 1960.

Those of the Greatest Generation were probably the last generation of Americans who really ever suffered or sacrificed for their country, with the exception of anybody who has served in the military, to this day. This generation of Americans, most of whom were born at or near the turn of the century, were raised with a work ethic, moral values, and inculcated with a love of their country. They grew up in a simpler, yet a much harder time in the evolution of America. There were no microwave ovens, remotes or cell phones, and the young men of this generation were the ones who marched off to war to fight the Germans and the Japanese, while the rest of America stayed home and made their own sacrifices. American women, for the first time, were forced to work outside their homes, making up for the male workforce and the family income lost to the war. Their food and gasoline was rationed, as well as many other things, so these at-home Americans were participating in the war effort alongside their fathers and brothers who were sitting in jungles and trenches in Europe and the Pacific theatre.

These men came home from that war, got jobs, started families and raised their children with the idea that they did not want their heirs to ever suffer the privations that they had suffered, fighting in the last world war. They wanted, as all parents do, to give their children a carefree life...for them to live up to the potential invested in all children, and to be able to live their lives free of the spectre of another world war. In other words, these parents wanted the best for their children, so they set about raising them in complete comfort. Protecting them from everything, giving them everything they ever wanted and granting their every wish. They goofed.

The Baby Boomers turned out to be one of the most selfish and destructive generations ever born to America. Witness what happens when there is little or no adversity in your life. You create it. The children of the Greatest Generation are the spoiled, pampered, elitist America haters they are because they were never inculcated with the same work ethic, values like love of country means duty to country, or a willingness to sacrifice themselves for something bigger than themselves. So they evolved into the feckless, relativist, tune-in-turn-on-drop-out, anti-war, hippy dippy, let's-all-link-arms-and-sing-Kumbayah collectivist Marxists that we see today.

What does the left in this country have to be mad about, and why do they think that ruining our econonomy with a treaty like Kyoto, socialist health care, dumbing down education and making our population more dependent on the government, not to mention being more like Europe is going to make America better? Why do people who have had the most advantages in this world feel like they have it so bad? The problem with making the government your daddy is that you might wait in vain for daddy to come get you....can you say....Katrina? All those folks waiting for daddy government to come and rescue them were wishing by the end of that experience that they had walked or skateboarded out of New Orleans, I'm's not like that hurricane was a surprise. They had nearly a week of warning, but their dependence on the government tit was what kept them waiting for daddy and he didn't come quick enough.

America is the richest country in the world. We have a lifestyle rich with technology, we give the most to charities, and even our poorest people are fat. Show me a fat person in Zimbabwe or Darfur and I'll show you a crony of the guy in power.

Now the Baby Boomers have come full circle....they want to be our nannies. They want to protect us from everything, give us everything, and grant our every wish, provided, of course, that you toe the marxist line and live your life the way they tell you to. You'll never be responsible for your actions again. You'll be taken care of by the state from cradle to grave, but we own your ass. I'm sorry, but I don't want to live that way. I want to be responsible for myself. I want to be self sufficient. I am proud of my country and it's people. I don't want to be more like Europe...hell, we fought a war to get away from them!

I'm sure there are many Boomers out there who still love their country, and can still think for themselves. Fortunately, most of us got our educations before the left got a stranglehold on it, and still have critical thinking skills that the younger generations lack, big time. It's going to take all of us to turn the tide of socialism creeping into American life, and take responsibility for ourselves and our world back from the creepy leftists who have it all but want to give away that belonging to the rest of us.....our pride in America and our certainty that this country is the best place in the world to live and to raise our children.

Don't let them.


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