Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nope..No's Joe Biden!

So, Obama wasn't faking us out to pick Hillary in the end. He made a much more destructive choice...Joe Biden. And, I think the reason that the whole "text announcement" wasn't made is that Obama either couldn't bring himself to actually commit to a running mate, the one thing written in stone that Obama cannot equivocate on or change his mind about, or he was turned down by the top 2 or 3 on the list who can see the train wreck coming and didn't want to harness themselves and their careers to a loser....a BIG loser at that. Ya'll know this is gonna get ugly, right? You can see the wheels falling off the Obama bus, right?

I can't wait to see Biden on Meet the Press, twisting himself into an intellectual pretzel, trying to weasel out of his words at one of the primary debates where he stood behind his prior statement that Obama, who was standing right there, wasn't ready to be President. The problem with Biden as a running mate is that everybody knows he barks a lot (the reason for his selection as VP is because he has a reputation as an "attack dog."), but the problem with attack dogs of Biden's stripe is that they mouth off in the heat of the moment and often have to mitigate or retract what they've said down the line and they often end up looking real stupid.

So, Joe...what's changed in, oh....SIX MONTHS?

In an election cycle that should have been a cakewalk for the Democrat Party, they've done nothing but shoot themselves in the foot. First, by pitting their 2 biggest voter demographics against each other for the nomination, they have secured the enmity of the voters who feel like their candidate was not only defeated in the primaries, but was disrespected as well. Next, they have used their Machiavellian "electoral college of superdelegates" to select Obama over a more experienced and more electable candidate (granted, nobody would motivate the Republicans to rise up and vote en mass like Hillary), thus alienating what I see as a plurality of the independents and those folks who are sick of the present administration, but who were waiting to see if the Dems could actually pull it off. (Message to independents: THEY CAN'T) Last, but hardly least, is the candidate himself with his messianic image and campaign promises that even Moses himself couldn't keep. The moment when the oceans started to rise? Is he real?

I'm beginning to think that the left in our country just lives in a fantasy world of their own imaginations. They must be in la-la land to think that an ivy league educated guy who lives in a million dollar mansion, paid for with help from now-convicted felons, who hangs out for years with unrepentant terrorists who wish they could have done more to bring down the federal government, and who spent, literally 1000 Sundays sitting in the congregation of a radical, black power church (where he didn't hear the toxic message, don'tcha know), and who concerns himself with the price of arugula instead of milk and eggs, could EVER get elected President of the United just boggles the mind. Factor in the angry wife with a racial chip on her shoulder and an only recent, new-found love of her country and what do you have? A recipe for a historic landslide. If this (losing by a landslide) doesn't bring the Democrat Party back into reality, nothing will.

Now he picks Joe Biden for a running mate? What a laugh. He's probably the only one who accepted the gig...the rest of 'em ran screaming from the Messiah with their hands covering their privates!


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