Friday, August 29, 2008

Brilliant.....The Maverick Picks A Maverick

Wow...I didn't think McCain had it in him and I'm absolutely pleased and proud that, in fact, he does. His choice of Sarah Palin for his running mate is just brilliant. To the Dems....checkmate. I confess that up until now, I was not really all that gung ho for McCain, however, now I can actually vote FOR a candidate, instead of against one, for the first time in many years.

Sarah Palin couldn't have been a more insightful, intelligent and positively energizing choice for the Republican ticket. She is a fresh face, NOT a beltway insider, a mother with 5 children, former mayor and present Governor of one of the largest statest in the union, and above all, a woman who took on the corrupt Republicans in her own back yard and beat them at their own game. Gotta love it. She is a hunter, a life long NRA member who believes in the 2nd ammendment, and a well rounded candidate with more practical experience than the number one guy on the opposite ticket, as well as a great compliment and contrast to McCain himself. She is also pro-life, which isn't such a great thing to me, but the religious base will not be unhappy about it, so they are not likely to revolt.

Personally, I think the GOP needs to stop with the anti-abortion meme, because most of the country doesn't care about it's been 30 years since Roe v. Wade, and I think more mainstream Americans are concerned with the cost of groceries and gas than abortion. Message to the anti-abortionists among us...please...get over it. Women are only truly free when they control when or whether they have children, and although I am past my childbearing years, I benefited from Roe v. Wade and I refuse to be a hypocrite in my old age. Abortion should be safe, sane and legal whether the fundamentalists like it or not. Women have been aborting unwanted pregnancies since the beginning of time, and if it becomes illegal in this country again, more women will die from backstreet abortions because they will have them anyway.

The Democrats will have to step very carefully in their attacks against Palin as well, because to belittle her accomplishments too much will, I think, offend middle class, female Democrats who are already feeling disaffected by the treatement that Hillary Clinton received at the hands of the Obama camp, so there is a distinct possibility that those voters will now vote for McCain instead of just staying home.

All in all, an excellent pick!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think she will bring any of the Hillary voters due to Her Pro life stance. Seems the repub gave up the one thing they had about experince with the choice of betty boop

12:50 PM  
Blogger Duchess Of Austin said...

Well, however you feel about the Republican ticket is fine, but using names like Betty Boop makes you look stupid.

As for the Hillary voters, there are women out there who are leery of Obama for whatever reason, and I make no bones about the fact that although I vote Republican, I am very much pro-choice. I also believe that as a voting issue, abortion is so far down my personal list of things I won't vote for, that I don't really care that McCain/Palin is pro-life, and I doubt very seriously that either of them would, or even could (given the particular SCOTUS that we have right now) overturn Roe V Wade.

1:13 PM  

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