Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where is *Our* Churchill??

The Obama administration seems to be hell bent on repeating history. Unfortunately, as liberals are wont to do, they are on the wrong side of the history they're trying to repeat.

Having witnessed the grand "Apology Tour" of europe, the curiously tacky "gifts" to the Prime Minister and the Queen of England, the pavement scraping bow to the Emporor of Japan, among other faux paux, not to mention the utter gall to acutally accept a Nobel for not being George Bush, I'm begining to wonder if, since we don't really know much about Obama's Barak Obama a graduate of the Neville Chamberlain School of Government?

For those of you who may not be history buffs, Neville Chamberlain was the Prime Minister of England in the run up to World War II. He was a man of piece...meaning he was willing to give a piece of Europe to Hitler in hopes that the Nazi alligator wouldn't come to eat them. We all know how that worked out for them.... But, the upside is that out of Neville Chamberlain's cowardice in the face of a rapacious predator like Hitler, came probably one of the best things that ever happened to the British. Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill became Prime Minister during the war, when the British realized that Chamberlain's spineless policies, in the face of Hitler's determination to annex all of Europe, were worthless and they needed a Statesman at the helm of the ship of state, rather than a craven fool. Good choice for them, as it turned out. Churchill was possessed of the intestinal fortitude that the times required and in conjunction with all the other Axis powers, managed to stem and turn the tide of Nazism.

Where is *our* Churchill? Is there anybody on the, independent or little green man from mars who can stem the tide of socialist, welfare junkies and ignorant, faceless "czars" who are running our country off a cliff? Is there a single Statesman left in the sorry political swamp our congress has become? Is there anybody who still thinks Americans should stand on their own two feet and not become dependent on "daddy" government? (Note to you statists out there...what happened to the people of New Orleans who waited in vain for "daddy" to come save them?)

In a policy orgy that is bound to have made Osama bin Laden laugh (if he's not taking a well deserved dirt nap), Obama has single handedly managed to lose or throw away any tactical advantage that a stockpile of nukes which could make parking lots of most of the world might have had, all in the naive belief that disarming will make the bad guys throw down their weapons and love us. Is he diabolically evil or just criminally naive? Time will tell but it doesn't bode well. I'm afraid that he has invited a repeat of 911, and perhaps worse.

I so hope I'm wrong.


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