Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Entitlement Mentality

Anybody who reads this blog knows that from time to time I post an essay about the virtual world I play in, otherwise known as Second Life.

I think it's fair to say SL is a microcosm that represents, pretty much, the rest of the western world and to some degree, parts of asia and the middle east as well. I've been debating a virtual friend of mine, lately, on the merits of socialism. He tells me it's a perfect ideology and I say, far from it. In an academic setting, where everything is on paper, sure....socialism looks good. But in practice, with all the messy details, it becomes fascistic. It has to. Socialism requires that everybody "play by the rules." But....the messy fact is, some folks don't and some never will.

I got a lesson this morning in the entitlement mentality that socialism tends to foster and it just blew my mind. I was in a store that sells hair and I got a message from another player asking me to "give" her hair, skins and other fripperies of the game. Things that require Linden currency. She did not ask for help. She asked for a handout, and in the process, she told me that she doesn't put her own money into Linden currency because she finds it "stupid." Turns out, she was from France.

I was appalled.

She gave me every reason in the book as to why I should give her money and other things that, for years, have been "no transfer" (meaning one person cannot give the object to someone else) in Second Life. For good reason. She gave me her best sob story, while out the other side of her mouth she was basically saying to me "you're a rich American, you owe me because you have more than I do, and I'm much more comfortable spending YOUR money on myself than my own." I could feel her disdain for my American-ness even as she begged me for money.

This is the sort of entitlement that the Europeans have been spoon fed for several generations, and why Europe is headed down into the sewers of history. They have forgotten how to work to support themselves, they have no imagination and no desire to even make an effort. Begging is not shameful to them....working is.

I might have been more inclined to help her had she asked me where to find the things she wanted for free, or if her SL age hadn't been almost 2 years. At 2 years of age in SL, you should have enough experience to know where to find the things you want at low or no cost. I do, and it isn't like I don't want to help folks who may have less than I was her entitled attitude that just blew me away. She didn't want information on how to seek out what she wanted for herself, but like a spoiled, envious child, she thought that I should give her what she wanted because my avatar was well done and obviously, for SL, well heeled.

I've never been a Ron Paul supporter because I feel like his notions are somewhat simplistic, but at this point, his simplistic "isolationist" point of view is starting to look good. I get so tired of euro-trash looking down their patrician noses at the "barbaric" Americans while their hands are out for our money and our military protection. Maybe it's time to leave the soft bellied Europeans to their own fate before they drag us down with them.


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