Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Speech and Opinion Media

Seems to me that everybody's a critic these days. Myself as well, and the post prior to this one has brought out the long knives in the comments, which I moderate before they are shown publicly. Consequently, I can post or not post comments that insult me personally, instead of taking to task what I wrote about. If you want to address what I wrote, I'll publish your comments anytime. If they're filled with hateful comments on how pathetic my life must be because I took the time to write about whatever, I'm not going to publish them. Simple.

I can do that. It's my blog, and I'm entitled to my opinion and if you don't like it, tough titties.

I wrote a review of the SL Chicago Jam that wasn't well received by the organizers. So what? I'm allowed to post my own opinion of things in my own blog and as long as I don't threaten to assassinate the president, I'm allowed to do that with impunity. Its called free speech.

Free speech isn't always speech you agree with. Most often it's speech you don't agree with and although I will defend the maroons writing me hate mail, I won't dignify them by posting their drivel on my blog any further. Again, I can do that.

If you want to post on your own blog or in your own forum that I'm the devil incarnate, you can do that, also with impunity. Of course, I won't be reading it or writing you hate mail because your opinion of me matters little in the scheme of things. Just like my opinion of a botched and bungled event shouldn't really matter to you. If it does I can only surmise that I hit a nerve and perhaps you should ask yourself why you let one blog post by an unknown woman make you crazy enough to write personal attacks on her appearance, rather than attack her ideas.

Just sayin....


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