Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A "moderate" muslim finally speaks....

In an essay today on the website Asarq Alawsat, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid weighs in on the question of the proposed mosque, 2 blocks or so from the site of the former World Trade Center in New York city. He wags a rhetorical finger at Barak Obama for supporting such an idea (another unforced error for Dear Leader, ala "acting stupidly" He sure does a lot of that, for a trained lawyer). He goes on to say that this mosque is what most of the people against it are saying, which is "sure, on the question of religious freedom, they have the freedom to build this mosque, but is it really what they (the group wanting it built) say it is?" And further, it's not something the muslim world (street) cares all that much about anyway.

I agree.

I see it as a thumb in the eyes of New Yorkers by a cabal of people who, by virtue of the fact that they all want to see America fall, are the uneasy allies in this political and emotional farce. Sure, America is founded upon religious freedoms, but as Mr. Al-Rashid points out, the site is a commercial district in Manhattan that has no ready congregation because there isn't much residential property around there. I have been there and it's true. This is right in the heart of the financial district and although there are a bunch of hotels, the streets of that area are deserted on weekends.

This isn't about tolerance. It's not about religious freedom, and it's damn sure not about mending fences. Its about putting a finger in America's eye and reminding us all that the radical brand of Islam is bent on conquering the infidel, by any means necessary.

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