Saturday, October 13, 2007

Will the Goracle get Drafted?

Will Al Gore be drafted to run for the White House on 08? I think so, and here's why....

The Dems are fully aware of Mrs. Clinton's shortcomings, among which is a very low opinion rating among women, which is thought to be her strongest constituency, and should be. Most of the women I know, myself included, would love to see a woman as president. Just not THIS woman. In my humble opinion, she is seen by most thinking women as someone who traded her integrity as a woman and a wife for her ambitions to own the White House, and compete with her husband for political posterity.

I, personally, see her as someone bereft of ethics, and for whom nothing....nothing will stand in the way of her ambition, up to and including jettisoning her very charming, former President of a husband if it will get her elected. The Goracle, by comparison, with his Nobel Prize, his Oscar and his 8 years of actual experience in the White House will look like a more electable candidate to the powers that be in the Democratic Party (or he should if they're not all completely stupid or on the Clinton payroll).

I see a very coy Goracle, claiming right up until the moment he's drafted at the convention, that he doesn't want to run for President, but he will, of course, graciously accept the nomination for the good of the Party...boy would I love to be a fly on the wall of whatever room Hillary is in when she learns that Algore is going to steal her thunder, and her shot at becoming the first woman POTUS. Not that I'd vote for anybody the Dhimmicrat party runs, but to me, Algore has a much better chance of getting elected President than Hillary, any day. She starts out with 50% of the voters in the country voting against her, and it goes downhill from there.

Of course she looks like the best candidate, compared with the inexperience and obvious ignorance displayed recently by Senator Obama. Saying that he would negotiate, without conditions, in his first year as President with some of the most despicable tyrants and dictators in the world, seemingly unaware that any visit like that would be a propaganda coup for the tyrants involved, makes Senator Obama look naive at best, and stupid at worst. She looks good compared to the other "front runner," John Edwards, who lives in a huge mansion, makes money from sub prime lenders, then whines about "two Americas" while he gets his $400 haircuts...sheesh, is this the best the Dhims can do? Of course Hillary is going to outshine this kind of candidate dreck! Bluebeard could do as well against these two maroons.

The question is, though, can she overcome the Goracle to clinch the nomination? Only if he is true to his word not to run, and declines a movement to draft him, which I sincerely doubt his ego would allow him to do....he would, of course, demur all the way up to the podium to make his acceptance speech. I really can't wait to see if I am right.