Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hammer...Meet Nail

I once had a boyfriend whom, I learned later, was a malignant narcissist. When I met him, he made himself into the man of my dreams. Romantic, sweet, with a real desire to help his fellow man. He was just the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet. My friends all loved him. Animals and children liked him....but when I realized that everything was a lie and tried to end the relationship, I stepped into the seventh circle of hell. I've never seen such a glib liar in my life and it took me longer to rid myself of him than I had had him! But that's a story for another day...

My point here is that a malignant narcissist can shape him/herself into whatever it is you want them to be...for a while. Once the jig is up and you realize you have been conned, the malignant narcissist will turn on a dime and give you 8 cents change.

The Anchoress has a post in her wonderful blog today that analyzes some pictures of President Obama. She stops short of actually saying that Obama might be a malignant narcissist, but the pictures and her astute analysis of them certainly point the reader in that direction.

Having dealt with such a personality in my own experience, I can see the parallels as well and it's striking. Obama even said it himself that he was a "blank screen" that others could project their hopes on....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Founding Fathers Would Be Proud

The recent triumph of Scott Brown in the Massachusetts senate election is a fitting place for the start of the return of America to it's center right roots.

Fitting, for a number of reasons, dating back to the American Revolution, which is the iconic event that set the United States on the path to the particular lifestyle that we enjoy in this country today.

How many critics of say....Hugo Chavez, can write anything in a public forum that could be considered negative and not find themselves carried off to what passes for the Gulag in Venezuela? about Cuba? How many of Castro's critics are still languishing in Cuban prisons for criticizing him? I suppose the critics of Putin live the high life, too....oh wait...uhm, I guess not. Instead of the Gulag, these days, they just get a dose of radiation poison. How very progressive of the Russians. My point here is, of course, that we Americans still enjoy free speech, even down to being able to call the current Prez a monkey and not worry about the Secret Service descending on our houses like the German SS.

The voters in Massachusetts exercised their right to free speech recently, and they shouted to the current administration that they'd better put the brakes on, or else. Some of the pundits say that this election is a fluke, influenced by out of state Tea Partiers and that, like the gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia, the candidate herself was flawed. She ran a bad campaign, they say. Perhaps the democrats should try retail campaigning and running more positive campaigns, rather than treating elections as coronations. In the present political mood, even Barbara Boxer should worry....

I say, that like Lexington and Concord, this is the first shot in the war to take our country back from the progressive wing of the democrat party. This is the first few drops of the tidal wave to come that, hopefully, will sweep enough incumbents out of office that our Congress will have a fresh, humble new attitude of service to the people who elected them, not the special interests who are attempting to subvert our country by paying off our elected officials.

The current administration, as well as the tone deaf party ideologues in DC have tried to ram their far left agenda down the throats of the people despite all civil efforts to stop them, and they have done so at their own peril. Like the first shots fired in our struggle for freedom from England and taxation without representation, the people of the state of Massachusetts took the first step in striking down the dynastic ambitions of the democrats.

How iconic and ironic is it that a seat that had been held by one Kennedy or another since 1956 was lost as soon as it was up for grabs? I expect a report any day now that there is smoke coming from the Kennedy mausoleum because Teddy is spinning like a top in his grave. I have to say....I love it!

The powers that be in the democrat party should be very afraid of what they have set in motion for themselves, and the moderates of the party should reassert their dominance or they will be swept out of power come November 2010.

I can't wait.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The White House has "Disappeared" Joe Biden

Ed Morrissey, over at Hot Air, has a post this morning that shows how effectively the current administration has muzzled their Vice Presidential "attack dog." The man is such a loose cannon, and in his defense, if I was Obama, I'da muzzled him, too, but I digress....

I wondered, at the time of Biden's selection as the Vice Presidential candidate, just what kind of drugs Obama was doing. I thought about it, I realized that Biden was probably the only viable candidate for the ticket at the time. Of course, we know what we know now, but the campaign insiders probably knew about it, or they suspected it then. Turns out that an Obama/Edwards ticket would have blown up in everybody's face when the National Enquirer outed John Edwards' affair with Reille Hunter and their subsequent "love child." The Obama/Clinton ticket was a no-go for 2 very big reasons. Number one....their personal feelings for each other after the bloody campaign, and second...Bill Clinton. Another loose cannon with an eye for the ladies, and a former President, to boot. Of course, it could also have gotten back to Obama that Clinton didn't feel Obama worthy to bring him and Teddy Kennedy their coffee.....

At the time, I figured it was because Biden was the only one who said "yes." More astute polititians saw the Obama train wreck coming in the distance and didn't want to end their careers quite that soon, so they demurred. Biden, on the other hand, had long years in the Senate and the Vice Presidency could be considered the pinnacle of his career. He could retire in style, write books or whatever and be set for life, even if Obama turned out to be the next Jimmy Carter. After all....what's Walter Mondale doing these days and does anybody really care?

Now, after a series of gaffes that would do Captain Ahab proud, the White House has seen the necessity of muzzling poor ole Joe. Even a meeting on the supposed transparancy of the Stimulus bill is closed to the press....