Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Will Bill be Hillary's Achilles Heel?

Is Bill Clinton unconsciously sabotaging his wife's efforts to become President of the United States?

Given his most recent meltdown on a Philadelphia radio show, and his comments regarding the results of the South Carolina primary, the case can be made that Bill Clinton really doesn't want his wife to become POTUS.

After all, we know Bill's ego is monumental, and whatever "legacy," and I use that term loosely, Clinton has from his 2 terms as President would pale in comparison to what Hillary would accomplish in one stroke if she wins the election. She would make history as the first female POTUS right off the bat, and that's just for starters. Bill's shameful "Cigargate," his false testimony to Congress, and his selling of pardons taint his terms in office, not to mention being only the 2nd US President in history to be impeached. That's hardly the kind of accomplishments one wants in one's obituary....

If Hillary wins the nomination after a hard fight with another historical candidate, and then somehow manages to win the general election, her star would eclipse his immediately, and anything she does after that, short of her own impeachment, would overshadow his accomplishments and she would become the star of the family. Can Bill's ego live with that? I don't think so. Does he really want to be the "First Gentleman?" I can't even type that title without a giggle. Instead of going down in history as a President, Bill's presidency would end up as a footnote in dusty presidential history tomes and his legacy will become having been the husband of the first female President of the United States.

So, it doesn't surprise me that he's dropping little bombs that can ultimately keep his wife from winning the nomination, thus keeping her out of the presidency completely. I would venture to say that most politicians are passive/aggressive personalities, so it's completely reasonable that Bill would use passive/aggressive tactics to maintain whatever legacy he thinks he has, and to do that he has to sabotage his wife's candidacy, but in such a way that nobody can completely blame it on him.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The World has Truly Gone Crazy

I must have lost my mind....I sure hope so. Otherwise, the world has truly gone crazy.

This past weekend, in a suburb of Austin, a 15 year old boy took a car out joyriding at 3 in the morning, wrecked it, killed two other people, and on the news tonight was some moron from the neighborhood, complaining that the accident could have been prevented had there been a stoplight where the wreck happend...

In what world? The kid was out at 3 am, joyriding around in, presumably, his parent's car, a buddy with him, no driver's license, and the imbecile on the news says that a mere stoplight would have prevented this???? How? Does this moron really believe that at 3 o'clock in the morning (which is past the curfew for kids that age), after having stolen his parents car (the kid is too young to even GET a driver's license in Texas), out speeding around his subdivision, that he would even stop for said stoplight? Are you freaking kidding me?

Sure...! Blame the city for not putting up a stoplight. That would sure stop a criminal juvenile out for a joyride...are these people serious? How in the world did that idiot live to be as old as he is thinking that a mere stoplight would slow down a kid bent on speed? I can't believe that the news would even run a story like that. What moron even thinks this could happen in a sane world?

It's time to get out the can of whoopass and take our world back from kids who think they can do anything they want and get away with it, enabled by moronic fools like the one carping that the subdivision should have a stoplight at that intersection and it would have prevented such a catastrophe. And, wouldn't you know...the criminal kid survived while his buddy and another driver, presumably on his way home, died. This is a travesty, but it has nothing to do with the lack of a stoplight. And I would bet my last dollar that a stoplight would have done nothing to prevent this accident.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Elitist Tone Deafness - Obama has a Tin Ear

Welly, welly, welly....welly well. Obama has finally unmasked himself. Is anybody surprised that he is an elitist who thinks small-town Americans are "bitter," and "cling to their guns and their religion" and hate anybody who isn't them?

Is anybody surprised that these remarks were made in front of a mega-rich group of liberal donors in San Francisco? Of course not. He was preaching to the choir. This is how your west coast libs see the rest of the US of A...a bunch of gun toting, bible quoting, bitter, queer haters who cling to their outdated morals and silly patriotic traditions and keep their women barefoot and pregnant. These out-of-touch liberals probably think we don't need a military either....morons. They'd be the first ones screaming for military intervention to save their sorry asses in the event of an invasion, though the learned and progressive citizens of Berkeley have made it perfectly clear to the military that "they aren't wanted in this city."

You may be asking yourself what Obama was thinking when he issued this statement? The answer is that he was thinking that his remarks would go over well with his audience, which, of course they did, but I doubt he was thinking that he'd be ratted out over it by his own....the Huffington Post. Ya gotta admit....that's priceless!

Yet, my liberal friends assure me that the Dems will line up behind whomever gets the nomination like good little soldiers. Yeah, right. They're eating their own already and it will just get worse as the convention nears, because Hillary will never give up, and you gotta admire her determination, even if it's on the dark side.

Of course, if I was Hillary, I wouldn't give up either. She can't help it if her party is a bunch of lilly livered, spinless surrender monkeys who don't have the stomach for a nasty election campaign, let alone the spine it takes to stand up to international bullies who would see the Jews run into the sea and Americans on their knees with a sword on their necks. Now that Obama has unmasked himself for the elitist, inexperienced politial hack that he is, she might still have a shot at the nomination. A few more dumbass remarks like Obama's on middle America, and who knows? She might actually win the nomination at the convention, because between the radical, paranoid, anti-American rantings of his "friend and mentor of over 20 years," the Rev. Wrong and his elitist, condescending remarks about middle America....Obama's looking less and less electable.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Liberal Social Experiment Run Amok

I was watching the Today show this morning, and they did an interview with a Baltimore public school art teacher who was badly beaten in her own classroom by a student, while the other students in the class stood in a ring around them, cheering the attacker on. One of the students subsequently posted the video of the beating on the internet. The story stated that only one student went for help. Disgusting.

The liberal social experiment that has caused the State to take the responsibility for disciplining their children out of the hands of parents is showing predictable results. Our children are running amok. They cannot be disciplined and they know it. They know they can assault any adult with impunity, because any adult who tries to corporally discipline a child can be prosecuted for child abuse by the state. The kids know that all they have to do is call the police and their disciplinarian will be arrested. This is unacceptable.

I got my last whoopin' at the ripe old age of 15, and even though I was righteous in my indignation at the time, in retrospect, I deserved it. I was a big girl and it took both of my parental units to hold me down and administer said whoopin', but I got it and I changed my behavior as a result.

Now, I'm not advocating whipping kids with electrical cords and wire coat hangers, and I know that there are some adults out there who would take corporal puninishment to an extreme, and those people ARE child abusers, but, let's face it, some teens are not too old for an old fashioned butt whipping. That's why God gave them an ass. In fact, I favor public caning of first offenders who tag, steal or assault adults, as that young man in Singapore was caned for vandalizing a car. I bet he never vandalized another car again....

The way I see it, corporal punishment should remain in a parent's arsenal of ways to control and educate their children, and it should also be an option in school for unruly children of all ages. Sometimes with teens, a "good talking to" or a "time out" does nothing to get through to them. In fact, they regard it as no punishment at all. Sometimes a kid just NEEDS an asswhoopin to get their attention. I assure you, I haven't forgotten that whipping I got at 15, and if a few more of these unruly kids got one, the world would be better off in the future for it.

Children need to know there are boundaries. They need to be taught that they bear personal responsibility for their behavior and that there are clear and painful consequences for certain behaviors, especially for violent attacks on adults. Inner city kids have even less reason to behave in a socially acceptable way because often they do not have discipline in their homes, due to the high percentage of unwed mothers with multiple fatherless children, who must devote most of their time toward the support of all their children, and thus, cannot spend the necessary time to sit on their teens and instill the proper social behavior and respect for their elders and teachers. They are latchkey kids who basically raise themselves and their only exposure to normal social behavior occurs in their school environment.

There was a time in this country when, if a kid acted up at school (and attacks on adults were rare at that time), not only would he get a whipping at school, he might get one or more from other concerned adults on his way home, and then yet another from the parents. This is how you teach children acceptable behavior. They learn to associate unacceptable behavior with pain and they learn that if they behave in an acceptable manner, they don't get a whipping. Simple aversion therapy.

Associate bad behavior with pain. Works for me. Actually, it WORKED for me, and I believe that the liberal social experiment of taking corporal discipline out of the parental arsenal has resulted in violent children who know they can assault an adult with impunity because the best the schools and the parents can do at this point is to give them a stern talking to. Yeah, right. Did any of you actually listen to a thing your parents and teachers told you when YOU were a teen? Thought not.

But I bet those lessons hit home, literally, when there was a switch or a belt on your ass.