Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'll See Your Hagee and Raise You a Phleger

Looks like Obama is losing in the "preacher" sweepstakes. Again.

Just as the Obaminator rids himself of Pastor Wright and the media seas start to calm for him, up pops yet another colorful priest to pontificate in His name. Every time I raised Pastor Wright recently to one of my more progressive friends, he would come right back with..."well, what about Rev. Hagee?" Ok, I'll see your Rev. Hagee and raise you a Pastor (or is he a Rev?)Phleger....I probably use this term way too much in my writings concerning the stumbles and bumbles of the Democrat Party, but it's sooo hard not to. It's just......well, PRICELESS!!!

Obama's claims of great judgement are once again called into question as another of his alleged spiritual advisors spews a hate filled, sexist rant in Obama's own church! But of course, Mr. Obama didn't hear the actual racist rant (he wasn't there), and of course, he doesn't agree with what his spiritual advisor said....though he's Mr. Obama's self confessed spiritual advisor, and Phleger occupies space on Mr. Obama's website and all...but of course, Mr. Obama doesn't agree with his divisive message....yeah, that's the ticket! Mr. Obama doesn't agree with his message! Do you get the feeling you're in a Saturday Night Live sketch? I keep expecting John Lovitz to jump out while Obama to smiles cheesily into a camera somewhere and shouts..."LIVE FROM NEW YORK....IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!!!"

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen.

A man should rightly be judged on the company he keeps. Mr. Obama's choice of church calls his judgement into question, and rightly so....he has kept the company of men like Rev. Wright and Rev. Phleger for the last 20 years, and now he expects us to believe that these men have had absolutely no influence on him in all that time. I say balderdash.

If you associate yourself with men and women like the Revs. Wright and Phleger (both of whom Obama has had 20+ year relationships with, unlike Pastor Hagee who has little or no real relationship with McCain), William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn (both of whom are unapolagetic former domestic terrorists who have had a relatively intimate relationship with Obama...remember his initial announcement of his presidential candidacy happened at an event in their home), and participate in shady land deals with guys like Tony Rezko, chances are you will be judged by these associations, and guess what?? You should be.

The really ironic part of all this is that when I question Mr. Obama's thin resume, questionable relationships with former terrorists, and his relationships with hate spewing, alleged men of God, I am reviled as a "racist" by my progressive friends who are wholly in the tank for Obama. Most of these folks don't see this whole "pastor" flap as an issue because they don't really believe in God all that much anyway....some go to church to hedge their bets, but most true liberals believe in the Marxist tenet that religion is the opiate of the gun toting, bitter masses.

For the sake of full disclosure here, and because I call myself a "liberal" Republican, I will confess that I'm not all that big on organized religion myself. Because of men like the ones mentioned above, I tend to see organized religion as organized hypocrisy, and a tax free business that the top members of the church use to enrich themselves and promote whatever agenda they happen to have at the time.

So the question here for Mr. Obama is this: did you join the Trinity Church because you truly believed in the theology that Rev. Wright presents, or did you join the Church because you wanted to be seen as authentically black? In other words, were you lying then or are you lying now? Either way, it's disingenuous....and dangerous.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reaping the Whirlwind

Sow the wind, and ye shall reap the whirlwind.

Profound words that the Democrat party should be considering right now. They are in a unique historical and political position and they've done it without any help from the Republican party, for a change. In an election cycle that should be a cakewalk for them, i.e., Bush's low approval ratings, the economy, gas prices and the War in Iraq, they have painted themselves into a corner, and are positioned, IMO, to lose an election they should win, by a landslide.

Not only have they pitted their two biggest voter demographics against each other, they'll be forced to give the nomination to a neophyte politician with a paper thin resume, no real executive experience, questionable associations with former domestic terrorists and radical racist pastors, and the dubious distinction of being the number one far left Senator in the US, just because he's black. Not to mention his naive foreign policy comments, and I won't even start in on his choice of advisors. For a guy who is running on his vaunted "judgement," his selection of advisors calls that judgement into question. The Democrat party bosses know that if Obama doesn't get the nomination, blacks and probably young college voters will bolt the party, and they've decided that women are the lesser of the two voting blocs to throw under the bus. Perhaps because they don't always vote in lock step with the party....women tend to be practical beings and will vote for the pol they think best suits their needs.

Hillary Clinton is looking more and more like a winner, while Obama has won a few since Super Tuesday, he got crushed in states like West Virginia and Kentucky....but, he speaks well and he's telling his "fans"(I actually heard a woman who called the Rush Limbaugh program refer to herself as an Obama 'fan') that he's the agent of Hope and Change!! and they're swallowing it hook, line and sinker. Yuck...I can't imagine being a "fan" of a presidential candidate.

But the Democrats are stuck now.

According to what I've read, Hillary trounces McCain in states like Kentucky and Arkansas, but in the McCain/Obama matchup, Obama loses big. Unfortunately, there are not enough liberal, latte drinking, rich, black people who went to Ivy League colleges to get Obama elected. Joe Average doesn't like to be patronized by candidates for president...or anybody else, for that matter, and trust me, he knows Obama is patronizing him to pander for votes and it ain't happenin'. Joe Average will reject Obama in droves in the general election and give McCain a win for the history books. Something along the lines of DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN. Of course, we all know now that there was no President Dewey!

The other corner the Democrats have painted themselves into is calling anybody who questions Obama's annointing a racist. This is sooooo going to backfire. Yes, I'm sure there are people in this world who still refer to blacks as niggers, and I'm equally sure there are blacks that still refer to white people as honkeys, or something equally what? These people are the minority now, and the only people ghetto blacks have to blame for their crappy living conditions are themselves anymore. "The Man" doesn't exist, and if he does, just get an education and go around him.

Call me a racist and I'll vote for the devil himself to spite you.

Barak Obama is Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, and Jesse Jackson all rolled into one very charismatic and very empty package. If this is the best the Democratic party has to offer, they are indeed going to reap the whirlwind in the form of a Republican landslide.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


This is the essay I never thought I would write, and the following are words I never thought I would actually put to paper, or the internet, or even admit to myself.....I am actually starting to admire Hillary Clinton!

First, let me say that despite my new found admiration for Hillary, I would never, ever vote for her, because I don't agree with her on policy, but I confess, it did my heart good to hear her say that if Iran lobbed a nuke at Israel, she would annihilate them.

This is the way I want to hear my President talk. Tough. I want to know that my President supports the only allies we have in the middle east, and I don't want to hear any waffles or quibbles about supporting them. The Israelis took a barren piece of rocky land in the middle east, paid for it, then turned it into a vibrant and successful nation. What have the alleged Palestinians done but never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity? What did they do when Israel abandoned the settlements, with lovely, working greenhouses to the Palestinians? They were promptly torn down and their pieces stolen and or completely destroyed. Greenhouses that could have been used to feed the Palestinians, they would rather tear them down and let the people starve. Let's hear it for the Palestinian leadership! Yeah! We'd rather let our people starve than cultivate food in buildings erected by JOOOOOOSSS!

But I digress...

This essay is about my newly discovered respect for Hillary the fighter. As Kyle-Ann Shiver notes in her piece on American Thinker:

Hillary has been hounded by her once-adoring Democrat fans to withdraw and fade
quietly from the race. For the good of the party, they have said.
If there is a single shred of grown-up quality left in the
Democrat Party, it is only evidenced by Hillary Clinton's refusal to let the
Party blindly nominate a thoroughly wet-behind-the-ears, know-nothing candidate,
who has gotten to this political height on the strength of a cowering, blind
media elite (as Bill Clinton said earlier in this campaign), a bunch of
hormonally driven college students, and the color of his own skin. What else
could it have been that got Obama here? He has nothing of substance to offer
this Nation. No integrity of character. No wisdom. No experience, except continuously campaigning, organizing and latching onto bad mentors and money-raisers. Democrat qualities all, to be sure, but usually their candidates have something else to bring to the table. Hillary Clinton has actually served more than one full term in the Senate. She has actually served in a Republican-majority
Senate. And she actually has crossed the aisle and worked side-by-side with Republicans to actually get a few things done. Barack Obama has done
nothing, nothing. Yet, Hillary has been painted by the media as the
humorless shrew, an old hag, and a pantsuit-wearing, androgynous harridan

Any reasonable person, even one who thinks that up until this time, Hillary has done nothing but sell out her "woman card," by staying with a womanizing, abusive husband, and who would say or do anything in her naked ambition to hold power, including carpetbagging a senate seat in New York that she thought was an easy win (evidently it was), has to admire her intestinal fortitude in stubbornly refusing to quit the race for the Democratic Party nomination. Especially in the face of all the former Clintonistas jumping ship left and right, like the feckless professional politicians they are.

This is a testament to why women were, as Kyle-Ann pointed out, chosen by God to bear children. It takes guts and grit to bear and raise children, to maintain a home and a family, and in some cases, work a very stressful job as well.

Hillary is a fighter, if nothing else, and I must admire her abject refusal to admit defeat until the first vote of the convention. The reason the Democratic elites want her to quit is so that they can recover from the debacle of pitting their two largest voter demographics against each other, but I fear the damage is already done. The reason the Democratic Party is in this mess to begin with is their eagerness to jump the gun and the deadlines, now they want to make it worse by having Hillary quit the race when she still does have a chance. Most people don't know this, but half the National Rules Committee is composed of Clinton supporters and she's got a pretty good shot at getting the Michigan and Florida delegates seated, with votes, at the convention, which would put her neck and neck, maybe even a few delegates ahead of Obama. Why should she quit?

I wouldn't.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Miley Cyrus Learns to Sing the Blues

Whither Miley Cyrus...

I will be the first one to say that Miley Cyrus has been had. She's fifteen years old, people. Get real. Anybody who would say that this girl wasn't manipulated to produce the "shot sold 'round the world" has a screw or three on the loose. It just occurred to me that maybe she's the tabloid princess to replace Britney Spears.

Think about it....I'm broke, so I don't have cable TV. By virtue of that fact, I am barred from the 24/7 media coverage of this story, other than the coverage on EVERY major television netowork, so I'd pretty much have to live in Borneo to not know about it. But, since I have internet access and a pretty boss, fairly new, really BIG tv....I know about it.

This is a total non-issue as far as the minor in question (Miley Cyrus) is concerned. The fact that the pic was taken at the end of the shoot, after her handlers (Dad & Co.), thinking the shoot was done, or nearly so, had gone, leaving the minor child with the photographer, who has an international, long term reputation for taking....uh....artistic shots of celebities, and who happens to unabashed and unapolgetic...uhm...LESBIAN...well it's just natural to leave your..uhm...15 year old daughter in the hands of such a....trustworthy artist. Heck even Rosie O'Donnell thinks the pictures are....uhm....artistic!.....yeah!...that's the ticket!....yeah...ARTISTIC.....with a captial A; artistic....that's what it is. I call it lesbian porn...but what do I know? I'm not a lesbian. But if I was a talented and unapologetic lesbian photographer, talented to the extreme.....three times the age of the young woman in her charge...would I just maybe....maybe, just a little bit...push the edge of the envelope to get the picture she got.

Imagine that.

Now, the adult purpetrator of this porn shoot with a child gets away with her crime in public in the name of art and the victim of her lesbian pornographic pictures gets pilloried by the sanctimonious press, at fifteen years old, makes me physically sick. What in the world is our world coming to when a 50-something lesbian can manipulate a 15 year old girl and the young one suffers the consequences? I'm sorry, but I so don't get that.

Yes, maybe her handlers fell down on the job. Maybe her parents actually trusted the photographer with an international, long term, award winning repuation. I might. I might be so star struck by this particular photographer, who has photgraphed everybody who is anybody for the last, oh....thirty years, that at the end of a shoot, I might succumb to my own schedule, and leave my famous, 15 year old female progeny in the most capable hands of such an artistic *cough**lesbian**cough* photographer *cough**cough******

But what do I know? Nothing. The fact is that the 15 year old CHILD with a woman's body was manipulated by a worldly wise lesbian who had everything to gain from exploiting this inexperienced little girl. The photographer got her "artistic" shot....the child got the shaft.