Sunday, March 30, 2008

Clay Feet and Leftist Politics

Barak Obama has run his campaign so far on the politics of the "post racial." Meaning, he is a man in whom the blood of both races runs, which makes him the ideal person to represent us all. Although I agree with this concept, it is unfortunate that Mr. Obama does not turn out to be all that he has assured us he is...or isn't.

What he assured us that he wasn't, is a scion of the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton school of "angry black man" politics. He bent over backwards in the beginning of the campaign NOT to make it about race, and I confess, I admired him for that, which is why I feel so used and deceived, because it turns out that Obama IS of the aforementioned school of politics....he is Jesse Jackson 2.0. A youthful, polished, well educated Jesse Jackson. He of the "the white man owes us a living because our great-great-great grandfathers were slavessss!!!" politics. He of the "Hymietown" school of politics that has a hundreds of years old grievance with the world and supports terrorist tactics to drive the Jews into the sea....

How do we know that Mr. Obama is, in fact, an angry black man? doesn't take a brain surgeon to look at the hateful, racist sermons given by Mr. Obama's mentor, Pastor and good friend of the last 20 years, a Mr. Jeremiah Wright, and conclude that if Mr. Obama can sit in that church for 20 years, listening to the hate filled, anti-American, afro-centric rhetoric week after week, that he cannot, in good conscience (but, then again, when has a politician ever had a conscience?) tell us, the voters, that he really doesn't buy into this man's message.

If he doesn't buy the message, then why waste 20 years, week in and week out, listening to his racist rants? This is a man who says that the US invented AIDS to kill black people! He has said that America had 9/11 coming! He is a loony conspiracy nutball that has a public pulpit, who preaches his hate message to thousands of people, yet Mr. Obama tells us that he's merely a "crazy old uncle" who says things and everybody ignores him.....he must think we are stupid. It's all well and good to have a crazy uncle, most of us do, but our crazy uncles do not have access to thousands of minds from the pulpit, and thousands more through his "best of" series of sermons for sale in the church gift shop! Our crazy uncles don't have the ear of a potential President of the United States.

I'm disappointed that in his political ambition, Mr. Obama has condoned this sort of hateful speech for over 20 years, yet seeks to distance himself from it now that it has become a public issue....and it is an issue, I assure you. Mr. Obama has run on his judgement, and in my opinion, supporting the racist, afro-centric, anti-American message that Mr. Wright spews for the last 20 years calls Mr. Obama's judgement into question in my mind.

Hate speech in any form, coming from anyone is unacceptable, and if Mr. Obama does not buy into this, he should have left the church years ago, instead of allowing Mr. Wright and those succeeding him (the new Pastor of this church is equally racist) to inculcate his children with this racist message. This, in my mind, is beyond the pale. Hopefully the Obama's teach their children not to hate people based on the color of their skins, but then they go to this church every week, where the pastor is telling them that white people are not just bad, but the enemy? How many other black children in this church are being inculcated with this ugly message? Michelle Obama certainly buys it, as she's said that she's only just now beginning to be proud of her country? Evidently, Pastor Wright's angry black man message got to her...

My more progressive friends call me the racist for pointing this out, and I fail to understand why I'm the bad guy here for calling hate speech what it is....why is it ok for black folks to spew vile, racist, hateful rhetoric when white people are hammered for the same thing?

Dr. King said that a man should be judged for the content of his character, not the color of his skin....I find the content of Mr. Obama's character to be less than honest, and I believe his clay feet have been revealed, and he is more of a mere mortal now, not the Messiah that the left touts him to be, which brings him to the level of a normal politician, not a rock star who walks on water.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Delightful Days Ahead

Dear Readers:

I've been perusing the pages of the Huffington Post lately, and I am delighted to report that the Dems are indeed beginning to eat their own. The party is being ripped apart, and it is fast headed toward political obscurity for the rest of my natural life and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be living in such interesting times, as the Chinese would say. Of course, when a Chinese wishes you thusly, it's a curse....

'Tis a glorious time to be alive, I tell you! Watching the identity politics abound, seeing the Clinton apologists in the Democratic Party jump ship like diseased rats....well it's just priceless!

Some of my more liberal friends tell me that no matter who secures the Democratic Party nomination, the Dems will all line up behind whatever candidate it is like good little progressive soldiers who are loyal to their party.


The crack in the Crackpot Party is expanding by the day. Those who are for Obama detest Hillary and vice versa. It's hilarious! They are fighting amongst themselves and will continue to do so until August, and then they will brawl on the floor of the convention center like drunk denizens of a trailer park on Saturday night, unless one or the other of the candidates withdraws in favor of the other, which I don't see happening. Kinda reminds me of why the Irish could never govern their own country as a whole. The ruling clans were more interested in THEIR part of the pie and could never work together, so the English divided and conquered....go figure. The Dhims are headed the same way, and I would love to say I'm sorry about it, but I'd be laughing too hard.

The really delicious part is all the Clintonistas. The scales are falling from their eyes and they are beginning to realize that Hillary is only interested in power for...uh....HILLARY! They are just now starting to understand what those of us on the other side of the political blanket have known for years, and that is that Hillary will sell out anything and/or anybody to have power. Oh the horror! They are shocked!! Shocked, I tell you! They've been supporting her for years and she dares to show them her true colors! How dare she do this?? Just when they are just an election away from power? Is she Lucy to the Dems Charlie Brown? Will she take the football away just as they're about to kick that all important field goal?? In a word or bet. If she can, she will.

The bloodbath is coming, and I, for one, am stocking up on popcorn so that I can sit in front of the television and watch the Democratic Party come unhinged at the seams. I'm not big on reality TV shows, but this is one I won't miss! It will be better than the best Survivor! It's Big Brother with a wicked, nasty twist! I can't wait....

Much like the sinking of the Titanic, the boat is the Party and the iceberg is Obama. Should Hillary do political business as usual, the arms of the Superdelegates will be very sore, and she will steal the nomination, thus alienating most of the black voters who have voted for generations with blind loyalty to the party, and many of the newly made younger voters who have so much idealistic faith in Obama. No matter who wins the nomination, half of the Democratic Party is gonna be mad. The Obama haters will defect because Hillary couldn't steal it, or the Hillary haters will defect because she "stole" the nomination. See? Priceless!

This election should pretty much put the Democratic Party into political obscurity for the rest of my natural life....I love it!