Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks Giving

Today is Thanksgiving, and as it is that time of the year to reflect on one's life, and to give thanks to whatever deity or deities one believes in for the positive things in life. In spite of the gluttonous tones of the holiday, I think it's a time to really think about the things in my life for which I have good reason to be thankful.

For me, the past year has been a relatively quiet one, and in my life, quiet is good. I have a good job, my health is pretty good (I'm not on lifelong medicines yet), I have a nice place to live, healthy pets, my car runs, I have plenty to eat, nobody close to me is dead, I haven't gone to jail, no traffic tickets, even....

And, best of all, I have GREAT friends.

They say a man who has good friends is a rich man, indeed. I agree. Your true friends are the ones who will bail you out of jail or loan you money. I know, because I am fortunate to have such friends. The ones who still talk to you when the world has kicked you in the teeth for whatever reason. They're the ones who will pay your rent when you've lost your job, or throw a benefit barbeque for you because you broke your leg. They're the ones who are always there to help you pick yourself up when life has thrown you a curveball.

They're also the ones who will give you a year's supply of canned tunafish and a shotgun because you were worried about surviving a hurricane Katrina situation! A very rich woman, indeed, am I to have such friends! You can always lose your "stuff" in an unanticipated, flood, acts of God, but stuff can be replaced. You can buy another television, or living room furniture, but friends like these cannot ever be replaced. They are a lifeline....a support system that keeps you in touch with sanity.

During this time of giving thanks, I give thanks for the family that I've built for myself. People who don't have an obligation to me by blood, but by choice. People that I choose to love, and love them I do. That's the best kind of family. The family that, regardless of blood ties, chooses to love each other.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Dance is On

The move to de-fund the war has started. Dennis Kucinich is calling for an all-out defunding of the war, ala Vietnam. Disgusting. Hopefully, nobody will listen to him anyway.

Then we have Nancy Pelosi backing Jack Murtha for 2nd in command in the House. Is she nuts? Jack Murtha is one of the biggest porkers in Congress, and was implicated, although never charged, in the ABSCAM investigation in the 80s. He's also a very vocal opponent of the war, and has insulted his brothers (and I use that term loosely) in arms on many occasions, calling them murderers before any charges were brought.

My fervent hope is that now that the Dhims have to actually govern, they'll devolve into the fractured, splintered special interest groups they were to begin with, and show themselves to the electorate for what they really are....wackos. One can only hope.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Day is Over

And the Democrats swept into power.

Of course, I'm not happy about it, but I don't think my life is going to change all that much. The lives of the Iraqis, though, may be changing a whole lot....already Donald Rumsfeld is gone, and I'm sure this is just the beginning of cut and run. Why don't these people understand that our reputation as a country that keeps it's word is at stake, as well as the lives of millions of people who trusted that the US would keep it's word? Who would trust us in the future? Or is keeping your word an anachronism from another time? When somebody's WORD meant something?

I can see the writing on the wall, and I'm writing this down for posterity, as well as a reference point when everything goes to hell. I really don't think the Libs understand that cutting out of Iraq will make us look, not only stupid, but weak, and evidently they're ok with weak. The terrorists LOVE weak, and they hate us with a passion I don't think the fat, happy American public understands, and they're determined to destroy our way of life. Misery loves company, and they're envious of our well-fed, wealthy, liberal culture. Cutting and running from Iraq will leave a vaccuum that the Islamist theocrats will jump right into, and the middle east will become the jumping off point for attacks against us and Israel.

I also think this will open the door to more events like 9/11. The libs will kill all the programs that have helped us track and thwart other attacks, catch terrorists and their paymasters, and they'll let the sun set on the Patriot Act. Evidently they're ok with sacrificing a US city to a dirty bomb before they'll wake up and understand. Oh well, I guess I'm fortunate that I live in a city that won't go up in the first wave....and I won't be moving to Chicago, LA, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC, Boston or NYC anytime soon.

I hope I'm wrong. Desperately.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I LOVE John Kerry!!

You gotta love John Kerry.

In one, swift moment, John Kerry shot a big assed torpedo right into the heart of the Democratic campaign machine. With a few bumbling words, he managed to insult millions of people. I mean millions of people. Just about everybody either has someone, or knows someone, or knows someone who knows someone in the military, and to suggest that if you don't do well in school, you'll end up as cannon fodder in Iraq is just.....well priceless.

Ya just gotta love that....If you're a Republican.

What a monstrous, all-consuming EGO that man must have! Incredible! Of course, his handlers want to chalk it all up to a "botched joke." Yeah freakin' right. That comment was none other than the "Freudian Slip." The unconsious utterance of true feelings; the slip of the tongue. Mr. Kerry's carefully crafted politician-slick facade slipped, and in that moment, he revealed himself for the elitist, leftist, liberal hack he is, and he revealed his utter contempt, and I think, instinctual leftist fear of the military.

This is one of the "leadership" faces of the Democratic Party! Ya gotta just love that! Even his fellow Democrats are distancing themselves in droves!

I can't understand for the life of me how this man ever thought he'd get elected president. I remember that awful clip of him marching around some field, dressed in a camo suit, and carrying a shotgun. Oh please. His body language was incredibly stiff, and he was trying so hard to be Joe Sixpack. And then he can't believe that act didn't fool anybody. How could anybody buy that?

And you know, for as long as he's been in Congress, he's never authored a single bill. In fact, he's hardly there. He made average grades in college, married money, and even though he did join the military, he didn't complete his tour of Vietnam, and after he got back, he protested the war and threw his medals away (supposedly). And then he had the consumate gall to address the Democratic Convention as "Reporting for Duty!!" So, in light of the fact that he traded on his military service, such that it was, during Vietnam, he has the nerve to insult our men and women in uniform? Sheesh. What a maroon. What a clown. The Dems need to just fire him, or muzzle him.

Of course, he's great for the other side, though!