Monday, August 31, 2009

Spectacular Failure

As of today, the Rassmusen poll has President Obama's "passion index" at -11, which, though it's not the lowest it's been in his short time in office, but it's down there around the lowest. Geoffrey P. Hunt, writing at The American Thinker says that Obama is setting himself up to be the worst president since Woodrow Wilson. That's a total ouchie.

I'd like to think I've been somewhat more generous....I think Obama will knock Jimmy Carter out of first place on the list of Worst Presidents Evah, and since presidental history isn't my strong suit, I'm fairly willing to take Geoff's word on Wilson. In point of fact, Woodrow Wilson was the first "progressive" president of the 20th century and this just proves that Americans, by and large, don't toe the socialist/marxist/progressive line in politics....mainly because it goes against everything America and American's think they stand for.

I haven't written much on Obama since the election because I was trying to "give him a chance." A friend of mine who is center-left leaning in politics and I agreed that Obama owns the economy come January 1, 2010, but I'm not sure it's going to take that long for America to realize that Obama is no more than an empty suit, ill prepared (although he had an education that most of us would envy) for the job he has been given by the guilt ridden white progressive political class, and a general populace fatigued with the relentless criticism and left wing hate of George W. Bush. Obama's election was the American population's "can't we just all get along?" moment, and now reality is sinking in to bite them in the ass.

I lived through Jimmy Carter's presidency. It wasn't fun, and I remember lines for gas that stretched several city blocks, stagflation, and a smug Mr. Carter in his little "Mr. Rogers" cardigan telling us all to turn down the heat to save energy while he ran the economy into a wall, and handed the country of Iran over to a bunch of apocalyptic clerics who rewarded his support by promptly taking our embassy staff hostage for over a year. Then they further humiliated him by releasing them at the very moment Ronald Reagan was taking the oath of office. His domestic policy was abysmal and his foreign policy dangerously short sighted....we're still cleaning that mess up as I write this and the threat of nuclear attacks on Iran is being considered because of Carter's shameful meddling in the politics of what was, at the time, an ally.

There is a story on the internet right now that the President of Iran is now ready to have talks with the west regarding their nuclear ambitions (funny how they're all reasonable in the wake of a badly botched, rigged election, huh?) and Obama could fuel the fires at home by actually sitting down at any table with them. This is unacceptable to me and it should be to any Americans who actually still believe in our brand of republican democracy. Should Obama decide to give these goons legitimacy, and ram through a very unpopular domestic agenda, he will certainly pass Carter as the Worst President Evah.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Will Obama Legitimize Ahmadinajhad?

There is a headline at Fox News online that says the Iranians are ready to have talks with the West, with "no preconditions" regarding their nuclear plans. Funny that they should be so reasonable now that the world knows their election was not only rigged, but badly so.

Will Obama legitimize this travesty by undertaking these talks?

Time will tell, but given what he's said and done in the past, I suspect he will go ahead with these talks under the guise of "not meddling" in another country's politics.