Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Mask is Off!

Well kiddies...the mask is off the at the Obama campaign.  Their new logo "FORWARD" has been debuted and evidently the dumbasses who are managing the national campaign can't spend 5 minutes on their fave source website (that would be wikidpedia, for all you non liberals out there) to research their newest logo and see if there are any historical references to this word that might have a deleterious effect on their work!  I'd love to know who signed off on this....it has to be the stupidest campaign logo ever.  I've copied it here so that when it goes down the memory hole (I predict it won't last the week) there will be proof that it existed for the world to see.

Even the most cursory examination of Wikipedia would reveal that the word FORWARD as a title for anything is heavily associated with communism and socialism.  All I can say is what are they thinking?  Is it diabolically clever or the dumbest move of all time?

I guess we'll find out.

Stay tuned!

Update:  As of today the references to the word "forward" as used by socialist and communist publications has been suspended (scrubbed) from Wikipedia, and as I surmised, FORWARD as a campaign slogan for Obama has been flushed down the internet memory hole.  It didn't take them long, did it?

How is it that a guy who headed what was touted as the "smartest campaign in history" could hire people who make such noobie mistakes?   Neil Boortz is having a field day with it and so is Rush.

Making fun of FORWARD in the Hot Air Greenroom.  

Pass the popcorn.